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Mon Jun 10-Wed Jun 12, 2002

I left Warana, Qld about 7am Aussie time on Jun 10, 2002, with Joy, who took me to the airport in Brisbane. The time schedule had changed. I was an hour later leaving than I thought. When I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, the time again changed. Not only that the flight number changed. I had no problems, just had to wait longer, so sat and drank a couple cappuccinos, and read my book.

We loaded onto the plane and then we were told there was a problem with the plane, causing another delay, and another hour of waiting. By now I was starting to get a bit yancy. It turned out to be nothing to be concerned about.

Pat and Dick were there waiting for me when I arrived at Lax. They had the foresight to check the times, and did not have a long wait. The plane was over two hours later than I had told them. We arrived in California on Monday Jun 10, at 12 noon. This is like going back in time I decided. Arriving the same day you leave.

I have heard from Joy, and she says she is rested, and I can come back now and go out with her again. It is tempting, but home also sounds good, and does have some things for me to take care of.

I have visited a couple cemeteries here in LA County. Read one in Long Beach. I do not intend to type it up immediately. Today Pat and I went to Rose Hills Cemetery, and the gentleman there says it is the largest cemetery in the world. I am not sure he is correct. Also visited a couple of others. Hope to visit a few more things tomorrow.

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