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Friday, Jun 14, 2002

Pat and I visited two cemeteries today. Westminister Park and Loma Vista. I again did not do up my photos. I think I am just needing a break from it. I hope to add a few when I am rested.

It was a full day, with the temperatures in the high 80's or low 90's. I spent the latter part of the day in my mailbox, trying to answer just a few. This is hard to me, when I must copy and paste to mail to anyone. My wonderful Eudora will look good to me when I get home.

Dick and Pat have been so great to me, and it has been wonderful spending time with them and meeting some of their family. Dick is a RR enthusiast, so has trains running in three areas of their home. Pat has her plants and animals for her hobbies.

I leave in the morning for the airport, take off is about 1pm. Have a route through Seattle, so it will take a bit longer. I hope to be landing in Spokane about 6:30pm.

To bed with me now.

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