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Sat, Jun 01, 2002 (Sun Jun 02, 2002 in Oz)

Woke about 5a.m, laid there deciding if I should try to go back to sleep or get up. I think I got up about 5:30am and worked on my log until our breakfast arrived at 6:30, which we ordered the nite before. We were out reading the cemetery again by 7am.

I used the camera, so Joy was able to rest, however she only could walk around and wait. I think she has to be a very patient individual to simply wait for me to finish. I was able to leave at 11:30. It was a happy moment to be finished. I had run out of battery about 3/4 of the way and had a real time using the alkaline batteries to the end. They would only do about 35 stones and had to replace them. I for sure will get a second backup battery when I get home.

We left Murgon and headed out on the Bunya Hwy. By now we have covered 390 km. We stopped in Wondai which is about 5 km from Murgon. Joy has an idea how to have lunch and fix my battery problem.

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We looked for a cafe Joy had been to before. We found it right off on main street. As soon as we arrived she asked the owner if he had a place we could plug my battery into. He was so obliging and I immediately plugged it into the outlet. We ordered our lunch, a hamburger and cappucino coffee. It was wonderful to sit and relax for a short time. The hamburgers usually have fried onions, tomatoes, beets and lettuce. Joy says the meat pattie was made out of minced meat, onion, seasonings and egg mixed together. I decided to eat it as it was made, instead of my usual doctoring it up with ketchup etc. It was very tasty.

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We left there with my partly charged camera and headed for Kingaroy. Just as we got on the road it starts to rain, just a little. We were so glad we were not in the cemetery still reading. We stopped at the Memerambi Cemetery for photos and coordinates. then onto the large Kingaroy cemetery, which is named Taabinga Cemetery.

It was about here that Joy treated me to a Violet Crumble candy bar. I have not heard of this one. Good eating.

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When we arrived in Kingaroy we drove around. I was able to view the Railway Hotel, which was near the Railway at one time. Then Joy showed me the storage tanks for the peanuts, which is a major industry in this area.

We missed the cemeteries at Nanango and Yarraman because Joy would not stop. Then we got onto the D'Aguilar Highway and almost sped past the Blackbutt-Benarkin cemetery. I made her back up and turn around and let me out. By now she has learned that I must see the cemetery if it is near. By now in all seriousness, Joy was really tired, and wanted to get home as quickly as we could.

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We came into Kilcoy and stopped at the park to see the Yowie. This is a mythical Bigfoot, displayed as a wood carving at the park entrance. The local lads have cut off the crown jewels several times, and at this time he is a Eunuch. By then it was getting much darker.

As we continued the rain got heavier. We could see the dark clouds and sometimes it got very dark. Joy was worried we would not get home before it was totally dark. We did do that, but not before the storm hit, which was just as difficult to drive in. It has rained since we got home.

We were in so many shires I have lost count. I now understand the different shires in Queensland just a little better, and how the cemeteries are cared for in them.

We arrived home about 4:30pm. It still is raining at 11:30pm.. buckets.....

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