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Wed, Jun 05, 2002 (Thur Jun 06, 2002 in Oz)

I finally met Joy's father, Eric Pailthorpe, who is quite spry for his 88yr. His wife Beatrice comes by each day to visit for a few minutes. They live next door so it is not far. They have been married over 60years now.

Joy spends much time in this pose each day. She spins out such quick meals too. One would think she had worked in a restaurant the speed she has. I do think her food is much better than the restaurant in truth.

The rain let up some today and was much warmer when we awoke. Rather muggy all day and much different than it has been. Our first stop was to take a trip to the Chiropractor and then on to the PO to mail all my tourist stuff. After the shocking bill, I decided Joy best keep me at home.

We then went on to the Bli Bli Castle, which really is a Doll display. I walked all the stairs, which were many. The last one to the top was 70 steps. I did have to stop and take a breath on the last set. I was so glad I climbed it. The view was wonderful.

The stairs to the dungeon were very short and amazingly I did not stumble. I decided I would not really want to spend much time down there, unless I had my puter with me. There are many dolls there, some in fairy tale demonstrations, some in a complete doll display.

We next took a drive to Pointe Cartright, which is on the ocean. The waters here are very rough and do not lend to any swimming or beach combing. They do give a very beautiful view. From the point one can look back inland and see the Maloolooba River and city. From another direction you can see the Cooroy Mountains in the background. I specifically enjoy this palm.

It started to rain a few times, but we made it fine really. Joy is getting a bit tuckered out I can tell. She has worked so hard to give me a wonderful time. One could never ask for a better hostess. And to think we were total strangers when I arrived. It has proved to be a great experience for me. The days seem to be coming to an end much too fast.

I just may get so I can understand all of these Aussies before I leave, so I do not have to say, What? I am amazed at the way they pronounce some vowels. The neat thing is, they all understand each other. I keep telling Joy, this house would make a neat Sitcom for TV.

Note: Rich, No luck with Black swan eggs, seems they are an endangered species.

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