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Sat 08, 2002 (Sun 09, 2002 in Oz)

I thought I would have nothing, but after our morning blunder, of getting to church at the wrong time, we decided to take one last jaunt. Joy was certain church started at 9am, so we went at that time only to find out it was 8am. A disappointment, but not the end of the world.

Dashed home, changed our clothes and drove to see the Blackall range. There one will find a series of towns, all the way, with beautiful view of the coast in each one, when you find a look out place.

Joy had a couple more cemeteries she had done, which we could photograph, and one to search for. After my questioning of the locals, we found the missing burial spot. It was just inside the fence in front of the local school, very well protected. Joy tends to be like this male friend I have in Spokane, whose name is Bud. Not willing to stop and ask someone where it is. I simply get out, and trot over to anyone I can spot and start talking. Joy says I only find out because I am charming them by my American accent. Whatever it is, I was quite pleased we found those we were seeking.

This is a holiday week-end in Australia, so there were crowds. No parking and very difficult to finally be able to have lunch. We would keep on driving till we finally found a spot, which was about 3pm. We were both yearning for coffee and food.

We left about 9:45am for the mountains, starting on the Sunshine Motorway west crossing over to the Bruce Hwy, heading north to the Nambour turnoff. Went through the Nambour Heights to reach the Blackall range, the first stop was Durong. Here was the first place one can look out over the valley toward the ocean.

We continued up the range to Mapleton and the Mapleton Cemetery. Took coordinates and our photos, we headed on to Flaxton. Along the way I was able to see many types of poinsettia, camellias, beautiful homes where the rich and famous live, and just beautiful scenery.

Joy had fun showing me the next cemetery. She drove up and parked in front of it and says, " we are here." I look around and see this home that was worth looking at, but no cemetery. I had to do some searching, and then just to the right of our car, in front of this house is situated this small cemetery. Only two markers remaining.

We continued along the range to Montville, looking for a place to stop for lunch, too many cars so we continued on to Maleny visiting the rest area, and then on through town till we came to the Kenilworth Road which we stayed on till the turn onto Witta Road, and the Witta Cemetery. This is one of the older cemeteries in the area and was started by a German Mission Station.

Now back to Maleny to look for the lone graves Joy heard about. After many disappointing searches we found it. She was told it was by a water tower, of which there were two. I spotted two ladies in front of the farmhouse near the last watertower, which was about two city blocks away. I decided to walk down the approach road to the home and asked them. Neither had heard of the one I described, but they said there was the one by the school. It turned out to be the one we wanted.

We headed home, not finding a place to stop till we reached Nambour, a small cafe across from the hospital. By then we were both famished. As we prepared to leave we spotted a yellow caned bamboo plant.

Joy took me the back way home, turning off at Forest Glen, and going over the Northwest slope of Buderim Mountain. A very great view of the valley and Warana, and the ocean from up there.

Then headed straight for home, stopping at the store for a bit of food and on to the house. I took a tour of Joy's yard and she has a Passion fruit getting near maturity. Also visited her parents yard.

Now it is time to pack, and will leave about 7a.m. tomorrow for the Brisbane airport and my trip back home. My plane leaves Brisbane at 10:00 a.m. Arrives at Auckland at 1p.m, departing Auckland about 3 p.m. I pray I sleep all the way to LA, which should be about 9 a.m. I chased the dark all the way here, now I wonder if I will chase the light all the way back. Joy says no, it will still be dark.

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