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Wed, May 29, 2002 (Thur May 30, 2002 in Oz)

I spent all of this day catching up on my log for Tuesday, so we did not go see any sites. Joy caught up on her laundry and and other household duties.

The weather is very different from home. You rise to a chilly day, I actually feel very damp to the bones, the worst is when the sun comes up and then it warms up. You start shedding the extra layers of clothing you have on.

When the sun is up, it is great and the chill seems to leave your bones. All here are used to it, but I liken it to camping up in the mountains. It is as cool inside as out until the sun warms you. They use very little heat.

Thurs, May 30, 2002, (Fri May 31, 2002 in Oz)

I was up as usual about 5:30 am. For some reason my body clock has that as my wake-up time, and I seem to die about 8pm, but usually try to last until 9pm. One nite I was so tired, I just got up and went to bed. Joy came in and asked me if I planned to shut my computer off. I returned and shut it down of course, a bit embarrassed.

After the usual morning tasks we were off to fill the car with petrol about 9am. We headed south on the Bruce Highway to see if we could find some new cemeteries, plus one that Joy had never found. She had found the records of it done by a group of school children, but was told it no longer existed. To us that was reason enough to check it out. At least get the coordinates of where it used to be.

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This was the Beerburrum Cemetery and our first stop. We found the school, and they were not having classes today because it was a holiday. As I was returning to the car following a trek up into the forest behind the school, I heard a noise near the school. I looked around and spotted a gentleman. I started calling to him so he would know I wanted to talk to him and he did not hear me. That in itself is a mystery, my voice is quite loud. As I got nearer, approaching the building I again said "Hello", a bit loud. He came out into view and greeted me. Turned out he was Warren, the school principal. He was very helpful and gave us exact directions up to the cemetery. It was about one km up another road (track) which we accessed as we left the one to the school.

Joy is beside herself with happiness, to actually find it, since she was told it no longer existed. They had cleaned it out and fenced it, only to have someone come by and remove a side of the fence and all the caps. I walked it with my camera and took photos for Joy of all the markers. Also the coordinates.

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Next we left the Beerbarrum Road heading south to Caboolture. We stopped at the Catholic Church in Caboolture for directions. I found a lady who gave very good directions so we were on our way again. From Beerbarrun Road we turned onto the Morayfield Road and continued to Spotlight store. This was the intersection with Caboolture River Rd. which the cemetery was on, another 16 km. It was 19km to the cemetery from the Caboolture town center to the cemetery.

Walked the cemetery with my camera. then on to another one. We returned to Caboolture and Beerburrum Road, looking for the turn to Toorbul. This was where we had decided there certainly has to be a cemetery, at least for early settlers.

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After many stops and inquiries we found the Old Toorbul cemetery, which is only called Historic Cemetery. I will continue to call it the Toorbul Historic Cemetery. We were a bit disappointed to find only one headstone in it, containing two names. All of the fenced in area was without markers.

This cemetery was on the northern side of Pumicestone Road across from the Transfer station and, just west of the intersection of Torbul-Donnybrook and Pucicestone, near the Pony Club. The gate to enter is locked for traffic, so we had to make the short walk into it.

It is now 1pm and we head home. I worked on my puter typing till bedtime.

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