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Mon, Jun 03, 2002 (Tues Jun 04, 2002 in Oz)

The storm continues with a lesser vengeance all day today. Mostly winds, and intermittent rain. It rained really hard when we needed to be outside of course.

We decided since the weather was not planning to clear for a few days and my need of a chiropractic visit, we would stay near home. I worked on a new cemetery file while Joy cleaned house. Then we headed out to the stores and the Australian Zoo.

I finally found out about Steve Irvin. He of course was not there. It is a nice place, and is in the process of a lot of remodeling. It did not seem as large as the Seattle Zoo. It has a very different atmosphere, and I wager in a few years could be twice the size it is now. I will place photos, but there is no way I can place all I saw on one page.

I believe my favorite is still the Koala. The Cassowary has a crown on it's head which looks almost artificial. The Dingos look innocent, but they also look sneaky. We had fun feeding the kangaroo and a few other animals. We ran out of food when I was near the ducks. As I dug in my pocket to find the replacement stick for my camera, I suddenly felt something behind me, trying to get my attention. It was a black swan, asking for food. I had a hard time to get a very good photo of it, because it stayed so close to me. Another interesting bird was the Kookaburra, and the Tawny Frogmouth owl was hard to spot.

We got soaked while the Crocodile show was on. Actually never did get to see it come out of the water all the way. We decided an alligator would do for a photo, leaving that area and heading for the kangaroos. There were several types of turtles.

On the way home from the zoo we stopped at another tourist trap, Aussie World and a Pub, where I found a few more things to add to my collection of things to figure out how to transport home.

I became drenched though all of this, especially while we were at the zoo. There was not time to go home and change so I went to the chiropractor just the way I was. What relief, I really am happy I went now. Need a follow up on Thursday.

While I was at the doctor, Joy found a new battery for my watch and went map hunting. As only she can do, she found me the one we were looking for. I now have the atlas of Great Britain to add to my collection.

I decided to work the website for a change after we returned home. As I uploaded my work I noticed that Mr Steve was doing the same thing. I did a quick find and replace of the file he just uploaded and then continued to add my new cemetery file.

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