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Tues, Jun 04, 2002 (Wed Jun 05, 2002 in Oz)

We had an early start, up and out by 8am. It was raining, but the forcast said scattered showers. We found out that was not a very good forcast. As we drove toward our destination, we passed through several real downpours. We kept hoping on the other side of the mountain it would let up. As we neared Woodford it indeed did let up, so we began our task. At least three times we had to stop and take shelter. I was determined to finish. It went faster than we thought, by 11am I had copied the last stone. Then it was back toward home.

Stopped at the Kilcoy Cemetery to take photos and coordinates. This cemetery is on the west side of town, and Joy was just showing it to me.

Next stop was in Moore, and the Moore-Linville Cemetery. This looked like a smaller one and so tackled it. Just as we got into it, the rain started up again. We had to take shelter several times. Joy wanted me to stop, but I am a stubborn sort. I was very drenched when I got into the car, but it is finished.

The rain came down all the way back to Warana. It was not raining much here, so had we stayed home we would have thought we should have gone out.

I have typed here on my puter, saved the photos to disk and now plan to type up one of them till bedtime. No photos for now.

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