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Thur-Fri, Jun 06-07, 2002 (Fri-Sat Jun 07-08, 2002 in Oz)

Thur/Fri: Decided to stay home and relax. I spent time on the puter typing a cemetery, went for a long walk in the area, enjoying the different way they build the homes. All the yards in this area look like a showplace, what with the climate and choice of plants they have. Lush green growth, with flowers and fruits, which are never able to be grown where I live.

Joy has served me several foods which I am unfamiliar with. Avacado sandwich, Creamed cheese dip, Pavlova, Lamingtons, Jaffles, Stew sandwich, just to name a few. Now if I can make them when I return.

Fri/Sat: We decided to go out today after all. We headed north again to Blackbutt. We had stopped a few days ago at this cemetery, mainly for the photos and coordinates, I read a few but did not finish. It took less than an hour to read it all, which was much easier than in the rain we experienced the first time here. After that we continued on toward Yarraman. It only took 50 min. to read this cemetery.

When we were there last time we spent much time looking for it and did not find it. This time we stopped at a Lions Club coffee trailor and asked for directions. We would never have found it on our own. It was out of town some distance.

We next headed to Nanango Cemetery, which was several Km north. One look at it and we decided there was not enough time. I read about one quarter of it and we will decide what we do with my photos. I am trying to convince Joy she needs to return and finish it so we are not posting partials, since I am not one to post an incomplete reading if I can help it..

Continuing on, we stopped and looked at the Ringsfield Historic House. The drive on home was just as enjoyable as it had been each time we came back, during my stay. It was on the D'Aguilar Highway, which goes through the Blackall range and has some very good scenery.

On the way toward home, we took off the road a bit and looked for a small private cemetery we heard about. We walked in for over a half mile and decided we were both too tired to go on. Joy can go back after I leave and search for it again, with better directions.

Joy admitted she has been out more in this last fortnight than ever in her life to the areas we were in. I must look up someone to entice her back there to finish all those we did not have time for. She says I must return and stay another three weeks, to get to go to the outback, and I must also have a fuller checkbook.

I may not get back to this journal before I leave Australia. Plan to attend church in the morning and get my suitcases packed. Then who knows what. I will leave early on Monday morning, Aussie time, heading to California.

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