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Tues, May 28, 2002 (Wed, May 29 in Oz)

I wrote this whole page and forgot to save, so here goes again. I am at the moment very disturbed with myself.

We woke up to cool and rain. I found it cooler than they do, as they are used to this damp cold. We must have various types of jackets etc with us and go layered. It usually warms up when the sun is up however I find it the coldest when the sun is rising.

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This day was to be a stay at home day so we could collect ourselves, Joy catch up on her duties around the home, and me my nonsense on the web. After a short time Joy says, "shall we head out even though it is raining? We might find that it is not raining where we would go."

We drove north on the Bruce Highway about 30 km to Eumundi first. We veered off the Bruce Hwy to the left to reach the cemetery. We took the photos, GPS coordinates and on our way.

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Returned to the Bruce Hwy for about 2 km, then west on the Kenilworth Road to Gheerulla, which was about 27 km. A right turn at the Community Hall down the sideroad about a half km to the cemetery.

From Gheerulla we went to Kenilworth to sample the cheeses, which was just a couple km further on. It was about 15 km further on the Mary Valley Road to Kandanga Cemetery, after taking photos and coordinates, we proceeded northward towards Gympie for about 15 km.

We stopped at the southwestern edge of Gympie at Atti Sullivan Park for lunch, which is at the foot of Normanby Hill. Across the road was the new War Memorial Park, which I did not visit.

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We then headed north further on the Bruce Hwy, after 5 km we veered east off of the highway onto Corella Rd, taking us to the Two Mile Cemetery. Which is the main cemetery for Gympie. This is a larger cemetery, still in use. In one corner of the cemetery a special place was created to store the stones from the Tozer Park Cemetery. These markers were placed here for some reason. It appears to be, so they could create a housing development and Park.

Then we went on to the courthouse, took photos, driving along Mary Street and up Caledonian Way. Here we saw the Queenslander homes, also a view of the city from this point.

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Then on to the Heritage Railway Station, which is now the home of the Mary Valley Railway Historical Society. From here we continue on to the old Tozer Park Cemetery site. This site is now part housing development and parkland. The parkland has been named the Andrew Fisher Memorial Park. One tombstone has been repositioned at the entrance, that of Annie Everett.

We next headed south towards Monkland and the Cooloola Coast Crematorium. This is the newest Interment site in Gympie, which is very interesting to view. On the left you will see a huge book which holds memorial plaques, to the right are walls containing cremains. Our photo of the book is watermarked because of the rain we were experiencing at the time.

Across the road from here is the Gympie Mining Museum. The Poppethead was restored from the Great Eastern Gold Mine and stored here.

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From here we went back to the Hwy, to drive to Pomona. Just south of Gympie near Kybong, we found Brahma cattle in the field, which I had to stop and take a photo of. We continued on this highway until we reached Quarry Rd.

We took the Quarry Road east, then north along the Kin Kin Road about 10 km to the Pomona Cemetery. Next onto the backroad to Cooroy. The Cooroy cemetery is at the top end of Kauri Street.

Now onto Tewantin. This cemetery has several sections, and appears very well maintained. One new section of interest was the Bushland Reserve Section. Here we find meandering paths lined with memorial markers.

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From there we drive to Tewantin Town Center. Here we found Ibis in the Memorial Park. I also met up with a person I named Witch. As I took the first photo of the Ibis, she screamed at me. I went closer to ask what she had said, (she was a bit tipsy) She responds, do not take my photo. I assured her I was taking the photo of only the Ibis. I shot another one, closer up, then she yelled again, making me very nervous. I walked up and showed her my photo of the last picture I took which was only of the birds. By then I was so nervous, with her yelling I left and took no more.

Just a short distance away in the middle of the street you can find the Tewantin War Memorial.

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As we continued along the Noosa River toward Noosaville we could see many holiday apartments along the river. Joy was so willing to stop so I was able to photograph the pelicans we saw along the shore. There were also sea gulls there.

It was time to head home now. We came home by way of the Coast Road, running in and out of rain again. We stopped only to buy the chicken for dinner. It really was a long day. I was to bed by 9 p.m.

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