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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I was able to sleep most of the way from LA to Auckland. The time change sort of messed up my brain for a while. I got used to it fast. As it seems now, there are only 17hr difference if you sit still. I went from Spokane to Auckland NZ.We seemed to chase the night all the way.

After a 45min layover, and changing of planes in Auckland it was on to Brisbane, and customs. Stays dark out for some time, then starting to see some sunlight through the clouds. It took the longest in Brisbane getting all my luggage together and waiting in line, since there were two planes unloading at the same time. Trip took 28hr, with a 17hr time difference after I arrived at my airplane destination, which was Brisbane, where Joy Byrne was to pick me up and take me to her home in Warana, about an hour away.

After I arrived in Brisbane ontime, and made it through customs, it was time to go find Joy. We recognized each other immediately. It was now about 9:30 AM, Brisbane time.

After leaving the airport, Joy took me several places of interest on our way toward Warana, where she lives on what is known as the Sunshine Coast.

First it was to show me the Mooloolah Cemetery, where I planned to take photos and get the GPS coordinates, however found out my GPS locator had to be programmed for the southern hemisphere, so could not take a reading, did photos and went on. We next stopped at Caboolture cemetery, which we later decided to read.

We decided to go to Joy's home and have some lunch. After lunch we went back to Warana to the Tandy Store to enquire about a camera adaptor and help for my GPS locator, and couldn't find either, so came on to Joy's.

I spent the evening placing the new cemetery photos online, after Joy managed to get herself hooked up with a better Internet service. She found one which had 24hr for one price, which up to now she did not have. Joy was totally exhausted this night and did not look well to me, I was still all in high gear. We both went to bed early and I only slept till 2am. Stayed in bed till 4:30 when I heard Joy up so got up. Felt very rested.

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