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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Went to Tandy again, and tried the figure 8 adaptor for my camera to charge it. The day before the salesman said it would not fit my camera, and I was so delighted to find out that was what I was using for my laptop, so it certainly would work, and it did.

At Tandy he suggested the fishing supplies people for my GPS locator adjustment.. We found a delightful gentleman at Whitman's Sporting goods store, who took it for a few minutes and got it adjusted for the Southern Hemisphere. Now I wonder who will do it for me back at home.

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We went to the Buderim Cemetery first thing to take photos of the cemetery and test my newly adjusted locator and make sure it indeed did work, for acquiring the coordinates. I was so happy to find out it was working correctly for the southern hemisphere.

We then came back to the house, Joy packed a lunch, to take with us, but before we left we took a walk around her area which was delightful for me. Just a couple blocks away and through a short access walkway we could get to the ocean.

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From here I was able to see a Container Ship sitting majestically at a distance from the shore. Took a photo or two of it and many other sites along the way. On the way we could see a very interesting tree known as the Banksia, commonly called the Bottlebrush tree. On some of the trees, there were many, I was able to see the various stages of the maturing of their blooms.

When we headed out again, we first stopped at some of the cemeteries Joy has previously read, to acquire photos and coordinates, to add them to her pages already online. Our first stop was Coloundra Cemetery, GPS and photos, back to Mooloolah to get coordinates, then on to Caboolture cemetry to continue reading.

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Joy made sandwiches while I started reading. About 2:30 it hit I was so exhausted I had to stop, so we came home early and I went to bed and died. Woke up about 5:30 p.m. to find all gone. Joy and Shell went to gather Matt from work.

I still was able to check my mail and look at the photos we took.

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