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Sun, May 26, 2002 (Mon, May 27 in Oz)

We were able to leave early today, at about 9 a.m.. We first headed out to finish the Caboolture Cemetery which is not exactly a small one, although it is not huge either. It is about a 45 min drive to the cemetery, and altogether it took until noon. We then drove to Mt Mee again, since I deleted our first survey photos, as I was saving them. It is a real trick to do that.

Joy had packed a lunch which we enjoyed eating at a scenic lookout area on our way up to the cemetery. We quickly read it again and headed toward Woodford. We felt it had to have a cemetery.

In the town of Woodford, we stopped and asked directions. It was a well maintained cemetery, just asking for someone to walk it. We only stayed a while, since I had run out of batteries with my camera and we really needed to head home.

On our return home I found Michelle busy with her painting.

Went with Joy to pick Matt up from work later. He took us into the display area and showed us the newest type of kitchen cabinets he had been working on. This is a photo of him behind the counter.

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