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Friday, May 24, 2002 (Sat, May 25 in Oz)

We decided we would take the day off and rest. It proved to be a much cooler day today.

Nothing to relate except I worked on the computer, creating this and adding photos and GPS coordinates to Joy's cemetery pages.

Saturday, May 25, 2002 (Sun. May 26 in Oz)

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Attended church the first thing at 9:00 a.m. I found it to be a wonderful, teary eyed, emotional experience. To be sitting at the opposite end of the earth in a very familiar Lutheran church worshipping with people who seemed just like me, except for the slight twist of the tongue when we spoke, was simply overwhelming to me. I think the picture of the world changed tremendously in my mind. I was singing the same hymns, celebrating Pentecost as I would have at home, and yet I knew I was so very far from my own home. Just a wee bit of the enormity of it all hit me. I think my God became even bigger.

I was informed that I did not have to tell them I was from America, my harsh accent of speech gave me away. They say they speak in a more singing fashion. I am still pondering that one.

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Following church we stopped at the Australian/USA war memorial, just a few blocks away. Went home and changed, and headed out to points yet undecided. Also took photo of ocean from top of Dingle Ave in Caloundra. A view fof King's Beach Precinct surfing beach.

First stop was Nambour Gardens, where we took photos and got the coordinates. These were all cemeteries Joy had previously read, and we were visiting to be able to add to her pages. Went to Kulangoor and Yandina cemetery

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Now it is time to do the tourist thing. We visited the Ginger Factory, where we ate lunch, enjoying the scenery and later I could shop. It was here where I spent way too much on stuff that is not needed.....my tourist habit.

Then it was to Old Nambour Cemetery and Diddillibah cemetery, where she found four new names to add along with the photos and GPS coordinates.

On road to Diddillibah we found many poinsettias to photograph. It was on the way home that I spotted this scene just after Diddillibah. Another beautiful sight was Marcoola Beach, which we viewed as we headed toward home.

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