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My Seefeldt Family

This Seefeldt is my father's mother Mary's family. Mary Sell who was married to Charles Frederick William Seefeldt. As I learn more about creating a page, I will be adding to this.

I must distinguish which Seefeldt, I have two lines with that surname, one on my father's mother Mary's side and one on his father Charles' side. Just a bit confusing. Grandma Mary was born Mary Sell, but her mother was Emilie Seefeldt Sell.

Mary's father, Gottfried Sell's family came from the town of Lindenwerder, Posen, which is now Poland. Actually Gottfried did not come, it was his wife Justine and the children who came, after his death, from what my grandparents called Germany, when I was a child.

When Justine and the children came to America they settled in Lester Prairie, Minnesota. The land of all those Seefeldts and very few of them related to me so far. I have heard from one, Irvin Seefeldt, who lives in Lester Prairie, where the family first settled.

Raymond Seefeldt of Arlington VA, who is the expert on Seefeldts, says there are at least four different families in Minnesota. What I find interesting is, we are such a small group, so why are we not all related? I even have two different Seefeldt families in my own family, and they were not related.. I still say way back we will all be related. Gottfried was Mary's Grandfather.

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