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Woodlawn Cemetery
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington

Thierman & Eighth
Spokane WA

Lat: 47° 38' 57"N, Lon: 117° 18' 49"W
T25N, R43E Sec 24

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Jan 28, 2000, last edited Dec 10, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 193.

Woodlawn cemetery is located at 8th & Thierman in Spokane WA.

It was originally called Englewood Cemetery in 1888, when it was started by the Southern Methodist Church, one year before Washington became a state. At some later date it was renamed Woodlawn which occurred after it was taken over by Corbin Park Methodist Church.

The following excerpts transcribed from "Rural Cemetery Records" for Spokane County, pub. 1963 by EWGS.

"Deed signed to Southern Methodist Church on Nov 02, 1888, put on record Nov 23, 1888, book 1 pp#43. In 1895 sold for tax of $2.96, Mar 05, 1902 assessment of 1895 made by Karl J. Cook. Plat signed by members Feb 1897. Plat book "0" page 23 at Spokane County Court House, it is called Woodlawn Park, no mention that it is a cemetery. Dedicated Sep 08, 1910. William S. Lewis, trustee. Witness: Carl W. Swanson. Lots are 16'x31.5' with 8' streets. Each lots designed to lay 16 to rest. Cemetery reportedly now belongs to Township. Original deed recorded by J.W. Woodruff."

In 1998 the Edgecliff community took steps to fix up this long neglected cemetery, headed by SCOPE (Sheriff's Community Oriented Policing Effort.) Now in 1999 they are starting to mark all of the graves with grave markers, upon which has been placed the available information. Unfortunately upon so many, "Unknown" must be written. Wendie Kiourkas, heads up this cemetery restoration project, and she says over a year was spent searching in the courthouse and library records before they could continue. Since Woodlawn cemetery is now owned by the county, it is the neighborhood who must take care of it, and are doing so by donations and volunteer work.

In about 2005 the Fairmount Corporation purchased this cemetery. On Jun 02, 2006 I revisited, and it has a new wrought iron fence in the front, with two butterfly gardens and a wall for cremains. Lawn has been planted, with a sprinkler system, creating a beautiful cemetery. Front of cemetery before. View across cemetery before.

I noticed one thing. They did this over an area which had white crosses the last time I was there. I am wondering what they did with those, as I could not find them. Perhaps they were removed to a different area. I have added 16 new names, but I removed the unidentifiable listings to the Miscellaneous area.

I walked the cemetery on May 13, 1999, but very few headstones still existed. I have added to my readings from the records SCOPE supplied me along with some from the above mentioned publications.

- Maggie Rail


c/o = child of
d/o = daughter of
h/o = husb of
s/w = stone with
* = no photo or stone
s/o = son of
w/o = wife of
L = lot
G = grave

Earliest burial listed - 1889
Earliest birth listed - 1817
Last burial listed - 2016

Anstadt, Albin Peter, b. Sep 06, 1927, d. Sep 12, 2010, s/w Glenna J
Anstadt, Glenna Jean, b. Aug 21, 1925, d. Jun 09, 2009, s/w Albin P
Armstrong, R. J., no date, L20, G11
Baker, William C., b. Jul 02, 1902, d. Feb 14, 1905, JD Buchanan FH, L53, G1 *
Baker, William H., d. Sep 22, 1897, age: 2yr 6mo, L53, G4 *
Beaumont, J. R., d. Mar 11, 1900 Seattle, Age: 28yr, info-Eagles, Smith FH
Beck, Orpha, d. Jun 09, 1906, age: 19yr, w/o Peter L, bur. Jun 11, 1906, Smith & Co (Becker?), L19, G13
Belger, Ernest C, d. Nov 07, 1949, age: 86yr, L19, G3 *
Bennett, Mary F, d. Mar 13, 1900, age: 74yr, diabetic mel, Smith FH
Berland, Richard Allen 'Rick', b. Jul 22, 1955, d. Jul 16, 2006, Son, Father & Brother
Bisbee, Benjamin, d. Feb 12, 1901, age: 80yr, L29, G7
Bonnell, Armeda, d. May 11, 1909, age: 2yr, baby d/o Earl & Lulu, L37, G9
Bonnell, Lulu E., d. Jun 22, 1908, age: 21yr, d/o Sterling & Susie Thomas, L37, G12
Bostwick, C. J., no date, L19, G1 *
Bousquet, Victoria Bertha Gifford, b. Sweden, d. Apr 07, 1904, age: 21yr 10mo, married, info by F. Bousquet, Smith FH
Breth, George, no date, L19, G2 *
Brown, Earnest H., d. Dec 08, 1901, age: 15mo, Smith & Co FH, L29, G15 *
Brown, J. A., no date, Child, L29, G14 *
Brown, Raymond, d. Jul 24, 1900, age: 1yr 11mo, s/o E.H.Brown, Smith FH
Buck, Elaine G. Everett, b. Sep 20, 1945, d. Jun 24, 2008
Butcher, Edward C, b. Sep 18, 1917, d. Aug 03, 2004, s/w Wilma E
Butcher, Mrs, no date, Bosquet?, L44, G2 *
Butcher, Wilma E, b. 1930, d. 1993, s/w Edward C
Calker, Irene P, b. Sep 18, 1914, d. Jul 03, 2006
Carder, John, b. May 05, 1881, d. Nov 05, 1907, s/w Mary Elizabeth (note: part of #2 sold to Old Lady McVeaze), L2, G3
Carder, Mary Elizabeth, b. Sep 08, 1887, d. Aug 08, 1905, s/w & w/o John Carder, L2, G2
Cheslick, Augustia Ann, no dates, w/o Fred, bur. Jul 17, 1906, L21 G1 *
Cheslick, Ferdinand, d. Oct 09, 1917, age 1yr, s/o Fred & Augustia Ann, L21, G3 *
Cheslick, Hilda, d. Jun 15, 1914, age: 10mo, d/o Fred & Augustia, L21, G4 *
Clement, Dora Flowers, d. Sep 1897, w/o Duff Samuel, L10, G4 *
Clement, Duff Samuel 'D.S.', b. 1859, d. no date, h/o Dora Flowers, white cross, L10, G1
Clement, Florence, d. Mar 1899, white cross, L10, G5
Clement, Ruth E., d. Oct 1897, L10, G8 *
Colker, Irene Peek, b. 1914, d. 2006, s/w Mitchell
Colker, Mitchell, b. 1910, d. 1986, s/w Irene Peek
Cousins, N., d. Sep 27, 1908, stillborn d/o Lucious & Olive, L19, G4 *
Creighton, Baby D. W., no date, save grave as Orpha Beck, L19, G15 *
Crooks, E. L., Mrs, d. Jul 31, 1914, age: 58yr, former Mrs S.W. Davies, L3, G2
Cunningham, Glenn R., b. Mar 24, 1937, d. Mar 17, 2011, h/o Millie, US Army Korea Vietnam
Dahlin, Anna M, d. May 09, 1896/7, age: 2da, info-Paul Hilson, Smith FH
Danner, Ronald, d. Dec 14, 1895, age: 11wk, Smith FH
Davies, S. W., d. Aug 04, 1914, white cross, bur. Aug 04, 1914, L3, G3
Davis, S, d. May 16, 1899 Kendrick ID, no age, Smith FH
Dishman, Baby, d. Feb 18, 1909, W.B. Dishman, L21, G8 *
Drummond, Clinton D, b. Mar 29, 1912, d. Jan 30, 2006, SSgt US Army WWII
Dry, S., d. Apr 24, 1910, infant s/o Allie & Sidney, L14, G9
Durr, Edward, d. May 18, 1899, age: 36yr, meningitis, info-Judge Flemming, Smith FH
Eccles, Caroline Louise, b. Dec 24, 1941, d. no date, s/w Paul Duane
Eccles, Paul Duane, b. 1941, d. May 08, 2012, s/w Caroline Louise
Edgerly, Daniel F, b. Jan 16, 1953, d. no date, Our Beloved Son, s/by Fred W & Juanita R
Edgerly, Fred W, b. Jun 04, 1923, d. no date, Beloved Husband, s/w Juanita R
Edgerly, Juanita R, b. Nov 08, 1928, d. no date, Beloved Wife, s/w Fred W
Ehry, Jack, b. Mar 24, 1950, d. May 21, 2010, h/o Linda Olson, m. Jul 01, 1978, inurnment
Ellsworth, Jesse Albert, b. Aug 03, 1902, d. Jul 28, 1918, s/o Fred & Lula, obit
Fender, Richard, b. 1938, d. 2007, Best Fisherman ever, ashes
Fisch, Kelly Jean, b. Apr 19, 1968, d. Nov 11, 2014
Fishel, Robert V, b. May 28, 1899, d. May 10, 1978
Ford, Earl D, d. Jul 22, 1910, L6, G6
Ford, Mary, d. 1889, L6, G4
Ford, Myrtle, d. 1889, L6, G3, Lot sold to W.A. Ford
Ford, Rebecca Ann, d. Oct 07, 1921, w/o W.A., white cross, L6, G10
Ford, William A., d. Jun 26, 1922, age: 69yr, s/o John, white cross, L6, G7
Francis, Ephraim, b. 1822 Eng, d. Apr 30, 1895, h/o Sophia Ann, info- Dick Myhre
Fronek, Henry E, d. Mar 10, 1900, age: 25yr
Gagnon, John B., b. Canada, d. Sep 16, 1904, age: 80yr, s/o John, bur. Sep 18, 1904, Smith FH, L19, G9
Gall, Lillian Mary Snow, b. Jan 27, 1877, d. Jun 14, 1962
Gentle, John, d. Dec 30, 1908, age: 45yr, s/o J.S., white cross, L6, G14
Gentle, Mrs, no dates, white cross, L6, G15
Gordon, Gwendolyne Jean, b. 1929, d. 2006, s/w John Keith
Gordon, John Keith, b. 1925, d. 1985, s/w Gwendolyne Jean
Gottwig, Mildred Delores Nation, b. Nov 08, 1905, d. Dec 12, 1993, w/o Theadore
Gottwig, Theadore Philip, b. 1906, d. 1959, h/o Mildred D Nation
Grilliley, Mrs. W., b. 1837, d. 1923, nee Lewis, bur. Mar 19, 1953, Turnbull FH, L14, G3 *
Halleck, Galen Maddox, b. Nov 03, 1996, d. May 08, 2012, s/o Carew & Beth, obit
Hammer, Carrie Ann Lewis, b. 1886, d. 1968, s/by Chris
Hammer, Chris, b. 1870, d. 1951, s/by Carrie Ann, L13, G7
Hearing, Fredie, b. 1892, d. 1893, s/w Goldie & Zella, L10, G3
Hearing, Goldie, b. 1891, d. 1891, s/w Fredie & Zella, L10, G6
Hearing, Zella, b. 1883, d. 1901, s/w Fredie & Goldie, L10, G2
Heath, Lizzie H, d. Mar 09, 1900, age: 2yr, d/o Benjamin L, Smith FH
Heil, Gordon Dean, b. Dec 27, 1921, d. Jul 29, 2012, h/o Ellen, m. May 10, 1964, US Air Force WWII, s/w empty
Hibner, Florence, d. Mar 1894, L10, G5 *
Hibner, Ruth Esther, d. Oct 1897, L10, G8 *
Hicks, Burnetta Deborah Ellingsworth Hicks, b. Apr 27, 1900, d. Jan 27, 1970, w/o Alexandra Loyst Hicks, m. Nov 10, 1919
Hill, Baby, no date, Lot sold to G. Hill, L37, G2 *
Hill, Helen Bertha, b. Apr 20, 1924, Sanders ID, d. Sep 17, 2001, d/o Clarence & Sophie C, obit
Hill, Manford, d. Oct 02, 1899, age: 2yr, info-G.C.Hill, Smith FH
Hiller, Pearl, d. Jul 26, 1900, age: 20yr, info-R.A.Hiller, Smith FH
Hodl, Sally Rae, b. Feb 20, 1936, d. Dec 25, 2003, a S.C.O.P.E. member
Hoffman, Mrs., no date, L12, G2 *
Hope, Mary Gellatly, b. Apr 28, 1862, d. Dec 28, 1938, ns
Howell, Carroll, d. Jul 02, 1916, L3, G1
Hoy, Andrew Lewis, b. Sep 13, 1985, d. Jun 27, 2004, s/o Vickie Leann
Hoy, Vicki Leann Stallman, b. Oct 03, 1955, d. Feb 19, 2013
Humphrey, Charles Vincent, d. Aug 15, 1903, age: 4mo 10da, s/o C.& I.J., Smith & Co FH, L19, G16
Humphrey, Infant, b. 1903, d. Aug 15, 1903, age: 4mo, s/o Charles E., L19 G16
Johnson, Rodney D, b. Dec 29, 1932, d. Nov 18, 2005, US Army
Jones, Evan Nathanial, b. Feb 11, 1859, d. Jul 23, 1935, per Lillian Duke
Keck, William, d. Aug 29, 1931, age: 36yr, s/o Alfred & Rose *
Kessinger, Henderson, b. Jul 06, 1844, d. Nov 16, 1907, Husband & Father, L12, G6
Kimball, Theodore Mark 'Ted', b. Aug 10, 1937, d. Sep 30, 2012, US Army WWII
Kingen, Floyd, d. Feb 03, 1905, age: 3mo 5da, s/o W.T. & Louisa, Smith FH
Kjeldgaard, Loren Clark, b. Jun 16, 1929, d. Apr 08, 2011, Beloved Father, h/o Nadina A Leonard, m. 1951, US Army
Kjeldgaard, Nadine Amarlyn Leonard, b. Jul 15, 1934, d. May 11, 2006, Beloved Mother, w/o Loren C, m. 1951
Knee, Baby, d. Aug 03, 1907, L19, G12, c/o S.I. Knee *
Knoll, Susan, b. Dec 19, 1859, d. Oct 08, 1895, s/w Chatarina, d/o Henry Wells, L36, G11
Kobelt, Lydia 'Lidie', d. Sep 23, 1908, white cross, L12, G8
Kobelt, Mr., d. 1906, bur. Nov 30, 1906, L12, G9 *
L, Baby, d. 1895, L14, G14 *
Lambert, C. E., d. 1890, L14, G11 *
Lampkin, Minnie, d. Oct 02, 1899, age: 22yr, fever, Spokane FH
Lee, Heather J Haynes, b. May 27, 1984, d. Nov 03, 2009, w/o Tory
Lewis, Amos Myron, b. 1899, d. 1900, s/w Amos, L13, G3
Lewis, Amos, b. 1858, d. 1946, s/w Amos Myron, L13, G2
Lewis, John, b. 1824, d. 1908, s/w Rebecca Ann, L13, G1
Lewis, Rebecca Ann, b. 1817, d. 1896, s/w John, L13, G4
Lightfoot, Fredrick Herbert, b. 1872 Eng, d. 1942, age: 69yr, h/o Frances
Lightfoot, Infant, b. 1918 Deer Park, d. 1918, Deer Park
Litterneau, Joseph, b. Nov 10, 1842, d. May 14, 1938, age: 95yr, sh/o Emma, s/o Peter & Mary Litterneau
Love, James W, b. Nov 02, 1950, d. Mar 22, 2012, s/o Evelyn
Marks, Corydon, d. Jul 02, 1899, age: 84yr, paralysis, info-A.R.Axley, Smith FH
McA--, M, no dates, footstone
McClain, Mildred H, b. Mar 16, 1912, d. Jan 08, 2012, w/o Covert, s/w empty, ash wall
McGrath, C. E., d. Aug 16, 1913, age: 60yr, L14, G10
Meier, Donna C, b. 1934, d. no date, s/w Roland A
Meier, Roland A, b. 1935, d. 2015, s/w Donna C
Mercer, Alice, d. Jun 03, 1954, note:by Homer Young, L13, G13 *
Miley, Mary E, b. 1837, d. 1923, s/w William G
Miley, William G., b. 1835, d. Aug 18, 1917, age: 77yr, Turnbull Co., s/w Mary E, L14, G2
Miley, William, b. 1835, d. Jun 20, 1897, age: 61yr 11mo 12da, stone broken
Moore, H. Wilbur, b. 1892, d. 1901, 'Brother', L45, G15
Moore, Lucy J., b. 1863, d. 1948, 'Mother', s/w Wm Leonard and William S, L45, G14
Moore, William Leonard, b. 1896, d. Aug 06, 1914, age: 18yr, s/w William S and Lucy J, L45, G16
Moore, William S., b. 1861, d. Aug 02, 1920,'Father', s/w Lucy J and Wm Leonard, L45, G13
Moscow, John A, d. Mar 08, 1900, age: 60yr, info-GNRR
Mulderig, Ethel L Haile, b. Aug 1888, d. 1963, w/o Roland C Hedrick and Francis P Mulderig
Nelson, Edward Richard, b. Sep 17, 1916, d. Nov 16, 2012, s/w Lois, m. Feb 25, 1949, ash wall
Nelson, Lois Geraldine Lester, b. Jun 12, 1927, d. Feb 27, 2011, s/w Edward, m. Feb 25, 1949, ash wall
Neufind, Duane, b. Jun 15, 1932, d. Sep 02, 1996, h/o & s/w Patty, USAF, ash wall
Neufind, Patty, b. Jun 10, 1937, d. no date, w/o & s/w Duane E, ash wall
Nichols, George, d. May 23, 1910, L14, G12 *
Nixon, Emma, b. 1853, d. 1940, Mother, L13, G15
Oleson, Baby, no date, L37, G16 *
Oleson, Mrs., no date, L37, G14 *
Parrisher, Carol, b. Germany, d. Sep 07, 1905, age: 75yr, info-George Wagner her son-in-law, Smith FH
Pendleton, Baby, d. 1895, L15, G15 *
Phelps, F. A. Jr., no date, L20, G9 *
Raikas, Lucille Thomasina, b. Apr 10, 1926, d. Jan 09, 2008, s/w & w/o Milton John, m. 64yr
Raikas, Milton John, b. Oct 20, 1921, d. Nov 04, 2005, s/w & h/o Lucille Thomasina, m. 64yr, US Navy
Reynolds, Infant, d. Oct 04, 1903, age: 1da, c/o L & Emma Reynolds, Smith FH, L21 G9
Richwood, Adrienne C, b. May 07, 1933, d. Jun 07, 2010
Robinson, H, d. Oct 04, 1903, age: 1da, (H. Robinson in book), L19, G5
Ross, Baby, d. 1894, L6, F1, lot sold to E.S. Ross *
Salen, D. (Lalen?), no date, This might be wrong, L21, G2 *
Schell, Oscar Leon, b. Aug 24, 1935, d. Feb 04, 2015, h/o Irene 'Sparky', m. Oct 18, 1968, US Army
Shafer, George H, d. Oct 05, 1900, age: 91yr, Old age, Gilman & Co FH, L37, G15 *
Shepard, John C, d. Aug 17, 1905, age: 68yr, Turnbull Undty Co FH, SA, L1, G1
Simpson, Edwin, no date, Edith in book, L20, G4 *
Simpson, Lizzie, no date, L20, G1 *
Simpson, Robert, no date, L20, G1, NE1/4 *
Singer, Bruce William, b. Aug 12, 1971, d. Nov 13, 2006
Smith, Craig Jarvis, b. Jul 25, 1951, d. Jul 23, 1987, per Penny Lee
Smith, Edith Estelle, b. May 23, 1923, d. 2012, w/o Jay G
Smith, Jay Glenn, b. Jul 08, 1913, d. Dec 29, 1998, h/o Edith E
Smith, Terrie L, b. Dec 16, 1965, d. May 12, 2006
Spooner, Leona Rebecca Hiatt, b. Indiana, d. Sep 27, 1904, age: 30yr 4mo, info, John Spooner, Smith FH, Note:moved, L19, G6
St Clair, Anna E, d. Apr 14, 1900, age: 65yr, Gilman & Co FH, L28, G2 *
St Germain, Mary P, b. Apr 01, 1931, d. Jan 21, 2006
Stanley, Frank, no date, L31, G4 *
Tarrning, John, d. Oct 03, 1910, L19, G8 *
Taylor, Penny Carol Ovnicek, b. Mar 01, 1947, d. Nov 10, 2010
Thomas, ??, no dates, L37 G12 *
Thomas, Baby, no date, L37, G9 *
Thomas, S. E., no date, Daughter, L37, G11 *
Thomas, Susan, Mrs, d. May 01, 1901, age: 38yr, Smith & Co, L37, G10
Thorson, Elmer A, b. May 15, 1920, d. Dec 15, 2003, s/w Kathy
Thorson, Katherine Anest 'Kathy', b. Jul 09, 1924, d. Sep 26, 2011, s/w Elmer A
Tobert, James David, b. Jul 22, 1942, d. Mar 23, 2012, h/o Lynn, m. 45yr, Father & Grandfather
VanCleave, Carol J, b. Apr 18, 1931, d. Dec 14, 2011
Von Tersch, Karen M, b. Nov 05, 1954, d. Apr 17, 2010, ashes
Wagner, LeRoy G., b. Oct 14, 1930, d. Apr 07, 2011, h/o Jill L, m. 48yr
Wallace, Henry, d. Mar 07, 1900, age: 55yr, info-GNRR, Smith FH
Warnick, James, b. Tennessee, d. Apr 12, 1903, age: 73yr, info by George R Butt, Smith FH
Welk, Infant, d. Jul 27, 1904, age: 21hr, heart malformation, Smith FH
Wells, Catherina, b. Aug 12, 1837, d. Sep 21, 1895, (Henry Wells family lot) L36, G10
West, Mrs. A., d. May 05, 1907, L19, G10 *
White, Marie Josephine, b. Dec 26, 1915, d. Dec 28, 2006
Wiley, Mrs. W. G., no date, bur. Mar 19, 1923, shipped from Seattle to Turnbull undertaker in Spokane, F.M. Lambert dug the grave, The paper was given to G.G. Merchen *
Williams, James D, b. Oct 26, 1942, d. Jan 14, 2001, US Navy
Woodruff, J. W., no date, L7, G13 *
Woodruff, S. J., no date, L7, G12 *
Young, Mary, b. 1888, d. 1893, top of stone missing, L13, G16
Young, Raymond, b. 1886, d. 1900, L13, G15

Unknown, no date, L31, G2
Unknown, no date, L31, G15
Unknown, no date, L21, G16
Unknown, no date, L5, G2
Unknown, no date, L5, G3
Unknown, no date, L10, G12, sold to ? Michael
Unknown, no date, L10, G13, sold to ? Michael
Unknown, no date, L20, G2, 2 graves
Unknown, no date, L23, G16
Unknown, no date, L23, G2
Unknown, no date, L23, G3
Unknown, Baby, no date, L34, F9, lot owned by Fred Stanley
Unknown, Baby, no date, L34, G10, lot owned by Fred Stanley
Warner, ?, no date, L37, G13
Storms, ?, no date
H. K, no dates, footstone
J. N., no dates, footstone

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