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Saint Joseph Cemetery
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington

17825 E. Trent Ave, Spokane Valley WA 99216
(509) 891-6420

Lat: 47° 41' 59"N, Lon: 117° 09' 48"W
T25N R45E Sec 6

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail in © 1998, last edited Feb 22, 2017 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 3,188.

Saint Joseph cemetery is located on the north side of Trent Ave, which is in east Spokane in the Trentwood area. It is often referred to as in Opportunity WA.

These readings were done in Sep of 1998 by walking the cemetery. I also acquired a list of the burial plots from the Sexton records, provided by the office at Holy Cross cemetery, where the records are now kept for Saint Joseph Cemetery.

Saint Joseph is a Roman Catholic Cemetery which had been in existence since 1892. It is perpetual care and very well maintained. Saint Joseph Cemetery is in the Trentwood area and joins a group of several others which are maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Spokane.

There is a possibility that some death dates could be the burial dates. When I could not find one on the headstone, I inserted the date from the Sexton files. Sometimes it is the death date and other times it is the burial date. This would be those which have only the year for the birthdate or no birthdate at all. Following the listing of the death dates is the location in the cemetery.

This town was called Irvine WA in some older records. It is now in Spokane Valley WA

I revisited this cemetery a couple of times, the last time being Aug 19, 2002. Last additions from the cemetery office were up to Oct 20, 2007. Additions after that are from obituaries and some from another visit to the cemetery. Again in 2012 & 2014. Some records from obits and state archives.

- Maggie Rail


BD = Ball & Dodd
CS = Cremation Society
E = English
HJ = Hazen & Jaeger
HJV = Hazen & Jaeger Valley
HS = Hennessey-Smith
HV = Hennessey-Valley

H = Heritage
MM = Melcher's Mission
R = Riplinger
SH = Schanzenbach
TV = Thornhill Valley
Y = Yates
FH = Funeral Home

F = female
M = Male
sp/w = space with
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of
d/o = dau of
s/o = son of
sss= shared surname stone

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