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Riverside Memorial Park
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington

211 N Government Way
Spokane WA 99224

Lat: 47 39' 43"N, Lon: 117 27' 43"W

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Apr 01, 2005, last edited Feb 22, 2017 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 7,350.

To reach this cemetery from Monroe Street turn northwest onto Northwest Blvd and continue to Meehan Drive where you turn left. Continue this winding street past Spokane Falls Community College to Government Way where you turn left or south and continue for about a mile. You will see Greenwood Memorial Terrace on the right just after Mount Nebo Cemetery, then Riverside Memorial Park is on the left side of Government Way.

Greenwood Memorial Terrace and Riverside Memorial Park are 2 of a total of 7 cemeteries owned and maintained by the Fairmount Cemetery Association, with the records for each are kept in the office at Greenwood, however one may find information for all 7 of the cemeteries owned by this corporation at any of the cemetery offices.

Riverside Memorial Park and Greenwood Memorial Terrace are two separate cemeteries situated across the road from each other. The business office is now at the Greenwood office for both cemeteries, which sometimes confuses people.

This transcription includes more than one source. I have been collecting names from obits, as well as in the state archives, plus I walked and read a portion of this cemetery. I dream of one day being able to finish it. Doubtful as each day I grow older and people keep dying. I have photos of those in the Fraternal Section as well as several others.

I called Fraternal a section. Then I find out the cemetery calls most of the different areas 'lawns' of which there are about three dozen or more. I may not have all of them named correctly and some are called gardens. There are several smaller family mausoleums here as well as the larger mausoleum at the north end of the cemetery. Several of the lawns also have a columbarium wall as well as inground burials.

- Maggie Rail


b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o + father of
m. = married
maus = mausoleum

m/o = mother of
ns = no stone
s/o = son of
sss = shared surname stone
s/w = stone with
s/by = stone beside
AL = American Legion Lawn
Ast = Aster Lawn
BB = Blue Bell Lawn
Car = Carnation Lawn
Cle = Clematis Lawn
Cro = Crocus Lawn
Dah = Dahlia Lawn
Dai = Daisy-Lutheran Garden
Frat = Fraternal Lawn
Ger = Geranium Lawn
HT = Holy Trinity Lawn
Hya = Hyacinth Lawn
Idl = Idlewilde Lawn
Jon = Jonquil Lawn
Jos = Joseph Lawn
Jup = Jupiter Lawn
Lat = Latah Lawn
Lil = Lily Lawn

Mer = Mercury Lawn
Orc = Orchid Lawn
Par = Parkview Lawn
PC = Pine Crest Lawn
Pea - Peace Lawn
Pop = Poppy Lawn
Rem = Remembrance Lawn
Ros = Rose Lawn
Sat = Saturnia Lawn
Smi = Smilax Lawn
StA = Saint Aloysius Lawn
StJ = Saint Joseph Lawn
Syr = Syringia Lawn
Tul = Tulip Lawn
Ver = Verbena Lawn
Vio = Violet Lawn
Wis = Wisteria Lawn
WP = Whispering Pines Lawn

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