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Pine Grove Road Cemetery
Spokane County, Washington

Burying Ground
Vicinity of Pine Grove & Plaza Rds
Cheney WA

Lat: 47 20' 59"N, Lon: 117 33' 06"W, approx.
T22N R42E Section 32

Transcribed and contributed by Maggie Rail, Jun 24, 2001, last edited Apr 01, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 0

This cemetery lies south east of Cheney WA and was really known only as "Burying Ground" by the old timers. It is no longer visible though it was a large cemetery at the junction of the Mullan Trail and the road that led to the Texas Ferry, on the Snake River.

Ross Cox came through in 1824 and Rev. Samuel Parker passed through in 1832. Of the possible 100 graves, many of which may have been Indians, only two enclosures stood in 1934. The old cemetery was used by trail travelers and fur trappers from about 1850's to the early 1880's. When the cemeteries were established in Spangle and Cheney the cemetery no longer was needed.

Scattered over about 4-5 acres, big trees have grown and the grounds no longer show the indentions and mounds, which have been leveled by time. It is the final resting place for French Canadian voyagers, trappers, explorers, early homesteaders and Indians. - Ann Roberts.

In addition to this Helen Boots, historian of Cheney WA, says that the Indians were buried in a sitting position and dirt was mounded. Hattie Babb was buried there and later removed to Riggs Cemetery at Rosalia.

- Maggie Rail

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