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Mica Cemetery
Mica, Spokane County, Washington

Hwy 27, Mica WA
Contact: Deborah Ferkins 509-477-7414

Lat: 47° 33' 22"N, Lon: 117° 12' 40"W
T24N R44E Sec 26

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail 1998. Last edited Jun 16, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 207.

Mica cemetery is located just about 1 mile south of the town of Mica on Highway 27 on the west side of the highway.

The condition of the cemetery leaves lots to be desired. See note at bottom. **

My Grandson, Matt Morris and I walked this cemetery in 1998. It was quite evident that not all of the graves had headstones at that time, and many were unreadable. I was able to find a copy of the old Sexton burial records, pub. in 1961 by EWGS, entitled "Rural Spokane County Cemeteries" to compare with our readings at that time. I since have been able to get all of the records which have been recorded.

The Mica Cemetery has been without a Sexton for several years. The records were turned over to Spokane County when there was no one to care for them. I tried without success to find these records.

After two and one half years and a newspaper article about this cemetery, I was contacted by Kathleen O'Conner of Spokane, who said she knew where the records were. Kathleen contacted the county, but it took her many months to get the meeting coordinated with the county to open the records, Kathleen was able to get copies of all of the old Mica cemetery records they had for me.

Therefore I have compared the files with my readings, and placed an asterisk * after records I added from these books. I also have added additional information to the existing records, which I found in the Sexton records and old mortuary records.

- Maggie Rail

??, Infant, d. Nov 1911, age: 7mo, ord by W.W. Swartz of Mica, Buchanan FH, bur. Nov 04, 1911
Allen, Emma Jane, b. 1861, d. 1945, s/w & w/o John R, Lot-78
Allen, John R., b. Jul 27, 1844, d. Feb 14, 1920, age: 75yr 6mo 18da, h/o Emma Jane, Lot-78
Allen, Levi A., b. 1868, d. Aug 16, 1945 Dishman, age: 76yr 11mo 1da, s/w Nancy E, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-127
Allen, Nancy E., b. 1870, d. 1931, s/w Levi, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-127
Allen, Nettie E Winslow Justice, b. 1870, d. Aug 12, 1943, age: 74yr, w/o Levi L
Anderson, Nellie Underburg, d. May 12, 1936 Freeman, age: 94yr, w/o S.A., Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-28
Aronson, Christina Anderson, b. Apr 09, 1853 Sweden, d. Jun 14, 1933 Valleyford, age: 80yr, w/o Erick Henning
Aronson, Erick Henning, b. May 00, 1849, d. Nov 04, 1926 Fairfield, age: 77yr 5mo 12da, h/o Christina Anderson
Ayer, Bettie June, no dates, bur. Jul 11, 1921, Lot-115
Bailey, Ellen, b. Jan 00, 1874, d. Oct 03, 1905 Moran Prairie, age: 31yr, single, d/o J.A. & Margaret, Smith FH
Barnhart, Elizabeth, b. 1846, d. Apr 02, 1938, 'Mother', Smith & Co
Barnhart, Minerva Jane, b. 1823, d. 1907, 'Mother', Lot-46
Barnhart, Mirlen Hedin, d. Nov 03, 1911, age: 7mo 3da, Lot-131
Barnhart, Roy, no dates, age: 3yr, Nearest Rel. W.D. Barnhart, Lot-46
Beck, Edward, b. 1860, d. 1900, 'Husband', Lot-106
Berner, Baby, d. Mar 07, 1901, Infant, s/w Rosanna, Lot-133
Berner, Frank, d. Jan 06, 1929, age: 76yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-133
Berner, Inf. of Harry, d. Apr 26, 1910, age: 1d, Lot-100
Berner, Pearl A., b. 1898, d. Sep 12, 1922, age: 24yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-133
Berner, Rosanna, b. 1865, d. 1903, age: 38yr, w/o Franklin, Lot-133
Brickner, Joseph, d. May 21, 1890, age: 45yr, Lot-31
Brickner, Mary, d. Feb 15, 1890, age: 9yr, Lot-31
Brickner, Rose, d. Jul 01, 1892, age: 7yr, Lot-31
Brickner, Theresia, d. Apr 20, 1934 Walla Walla, age: 86yr 8mo 18da, IE Marshall FH, Lot-31
Brosnahan, Infant Dau, d. 1898, age: 15da, d/o J. D. Brosnahan, Lot-98
Browning, John William, d. Mar 15, 1940, age: 51yr, Ball-Dodd FH, Mrs. Chas Miller, his sister, Lot-128
Brun, Carl Ludvig, b. Sep 07, 1875, d. Oct 12, 1946, age: 71yr, Ball & Dodd FH, Lot-155
Brun, Fredrickka, b. Sep 26, 1874 Oslo Norway, d. Mar 25, 1942, w/o Carl, Ball & Dodd FH, Lot-155
Bruna, Anna, b. 1859, d. 1916, w/o Vengel, Lot-32
Bruna, Anna, b. 1889, d. 1894, Lot-32
Bruna, Joseph, b. 1861, d. Oct 06, 1934, Rel. LL Bruna, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-32
Bruna, Joseph, b. 1886, d. 1916, Lot-32
Bruna, Loudie L., b. Jun 29, 1892, d. May 01, 1952, Pvt 3T Washington Field Arty 13 Div WWI, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-32
Bruna, Vengel, b. 1828, d. 1893, Lot-32
Burr, Earl G., d. Mar 24, 1942 Clayton WA, age: 56yr, R.E. Lauer FH, Lot-117
Burr, Verna E., b. Jul 28, 1883, d. Jul 13, 1934 Clayton, Rel. Earl Burr, Lot-117
Buzzard, Cora Alsever, b. 1860, d. 1889, w/o George W, Lot-26
Buzzard, Eliza, b. 1819, d. 1896, w/o Philip, Lot-26
Buzzard, Fred Milton, b. Aug 15, 1885, d. Nov 1956, age: 71yr, bur. Nov 12, 1956, Ball & Dodd FH, Lot-261
Buzzard, George W., d. Aug 16, 1928 Bonners Ferry ID, age: 74yr, H Cleronet FH, Lot-26
Buzzard, Philip, b. 1814, d. 1897, h/o Eliza, Lot-26
Coffin, Calvin James, d. Sep 01, 1921, age: 6yr 5mo 3da, Lot-130
Coffin, Robert Henry, b. Edgecliff WA, d. Jun 13, 1936 Mica, age: 66yr, Hazen & Jaeger, Lot-130
Coffin, Rose, b. Burchard, Neb, d. Jul 05, 1929, age: 50yr, Rel. Robert Coffin, Hazen&Jaeger FH, Lot-130
Coffin, Vay, d. Feb 01, 1920, age: 25yr, Lot-130
Cogswell, Anna L, d. Jun 20, 1900, age: 14da, d/o H.H.Cogswell, Smith FH
Conner, John, d. Jul 16, 1912, age: 65yr, ord by Phillip M Conner, Buchanan FH, bur. Jul 18, 1912
Coovert, Martha A., b. Dec 18, 1850, d. Oct 05, 1890, age: 39yr 9mo 18da, w/o W.A. Coovert, Lot-8
Couch, Gladys W., b. 1889, d. 1922, Lot-129
Couch, James Matther, b. Nov 26, 1879, d. Feb 22, 1977
Davie, Susan, d. Aug 28, 1896, age: 17yr 6mo 7da, Lot-6
Delbert, George, d. Jun 16, 1912, age: 2d
Dollard, David Boone, b. 1922, d. Apr 16, 1926, age: 3yr 10mo 26da, Rel. Glen B.Dollard, SE cor Lot-118
Donaldson, Burton W., b. 1902, d. Apr 13, 1951, 'Son', Hennessey & Co FH
Donaldson, Clara, d. May 21, 1885, Lot-16
Donaldson, Clyde Leon, b. 1894, d. Jun 07, 1938, age: 43yr, Rel. Nellie Donaldson, Thorhhill Carey Co
Donaldson, Infant, Stillborn of Leon, Lot-16 *
Donaldson, Jesse M., b. Mar 02, 1901, d. Oct 07, 1916, age: 15yr 7mo 5da, s/o W.E. & Nellie, Lot-150
Donaldson, T., b. Feb 21, 1835, d. Jan 16, 1907, age: 71yr 11mo 25da, Lot-16
Donaldson, Willard Elmer, b. 1868, d. Feb 13, 1938, age: 69yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH
Fish, Clara B., b. Apr 03, 1868, d. Nov 20, 1923, age: 55yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-135
Fish, Samuel J., d. Nov 20, 1926, age: 72yr, Smith & Co FH, Lot-135
Flack, Clyde H., d. Apr 12, 1912, age: 23yr 6mo 9da, Turnbull FH, Lot-87
Flack, Elizabeth Jane, d. Jan 16, 1928, age: 68yr 9mo 27da, Lot-87
Flack, Francis M., b. Mar 16, 1849, d. Sep 23, 1908, age: 59yr 6mo 7da, Lot-87
Foss, Christian, b. Norway, d. Oct 18, 1940, age: 80yr 5mo 24da, son Harold C Foss, Smith & Co, Lot-40
Foss, Ellen, d. Mar 22, 1939, age: 76yr 7mo 10da, Son Harold C Foss, b. Norway, Smith & Co FH, Lot-40
Foss, Lorraine, d. Jan 29, 1930, age: 45yr, Lot-40
Foster, Baby, no dates, Infant of Grover, Lot-130
Fulwiler, George A., b. Sep 26, 1890 ND, d. 1961, s/w Hazel, Lot-72
Fulwiler, Hazel H., b. Nov 02, 1892, d. Jul 13, 1996, s/w George, Lot-72
Goodrich, Frank, b. 1878, d. May 28, 1889, age: 10yr 9mo 16da, s/o Mrs. J.H., Lot-12
Goover, Martha A., no dates, w/o W. A. Goover
Gunderson, Gust Hans, b. Minn, d. Oct 17, 1934 Freeman, age: 66yr 9mo 15da, Smith & Co FH, Lot-96
Gunderson, Karoline, d. Mar 11, 1906, age: 83yr 06mo 16da, w/o Hans, Lot-96
Hall, Mrs, d. Jun 00, 1913, bur. Jun 23, 1913, ordered by Curtis Hall, Buchanan FH
Hammer, Anton, b. Feb 09, 1976 Albert Lea MN, d. Aug 04, 1957 Opportunity, age: 71yr, s/w Ella, bur. Aug 07, 1957, Ball & Dodd FH, Lot-18
Hammer, Ella, b. 1888, d. May 09, 1942 Freeman, Ball & Dodd FH, s/w Anton, Lot-18
Hammer, Gunhild, b. Jun 10, 1850, d. Aug 14, 1928, w/o Ingbright, Smith & Co FH, Lot-18
Hammer, Ingbright, b. Feb 09, 1836, d. May 21, 1892, age: 56yr 3mo 12da, s/w Gunhild, Lot-78
Harris, Nora Alma, b. 1864 Virginia, d. Jul 22, 1940, age: 77yr, s/w William, Hazen-jaeger FH
Harris, William Hamilton, b. 1854, d. Oct 08, 1937, age: 82yr, Lot-121, s/w wife Nora, Hazen-Jaeger FH
Heath, Lulu Buzzard, b. Jan 30, 1884, d. Apr 28, 1958, Lot-26
Hedin, Eric, b. Aug 15, 1872 Sweden, d. Dec 15, 1916, age: 44yr 4mo, Lot-131
Heyer, Gertrude, no dates, hard to read, Lot-82
Higgins, Infant, b. Aug 00, 1927, d. Aug 19, 1927, s/o E.E. & Alma, Lot-24
Higgins, John W., b. Mar 21, 1859, d. Nov 02, 1911, age: 52yr 7mo 12da, Lot-24
Higgins, Mary E., b. 1864, d. Apr 17, 1941 Opportunity, age: 76yr, Dau, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-24
Higgins, Ulysses S., b. Dec 04, 1887, d. Feb 07, 1911, age: 23yr 3mo 3da, 'Here Rests a Woodman of the world', Lot-24
Honstead, Gurina, b. 1842, d. Jun 04, 1929, age: 86yr, s/w Sivert, New England FH, Lot-118
Honstead, Sivert L., b. 1838, d. 1923, s/w Gurina, Lot-118
Houdak, Anna, b. Oct 28, 1879, d. Nov 04, 1894, age: 15yr 6da, Lot-17
Houdak, Anton Gezek, b. Sep 06, 1895, d. Jun 20, 1907, age: 9yr 4mo 14da, Lot-17
Houdak, Clara, b. Mar 28, 1895, d. Jan 05, 1903, age: 8yr 2mo 8da, Lot-17
Houdak, Joseph, d. May 22, 1921, age: 69yr 6mo, Lot-17
Houdak, Katharina, b. Jan 14, 1858, d. Jan 28, 1903, age: 53yr 14da, w/o Joseph, Lot-17
Houstad, Trevert, d. May 01, 1923, age: 84yr, Lot-118
Howard, Emma, b. 1871, d. 1940, s/w John
Howard, J. J., d. Feb 15, 1891, Lot-118 *
Howard, John, b. 1872, d. 1917, s/w Emma
Hurst, Azel, d. Oct 17, 1949 Worley ID, age: 46yr, Accidental, Jaeger FH, Fairfield, Lot-139
Hurst, Milton John, d. Jan 16, 1941, age: 81yr, h/o Mary, H G Jaeger of Fairfield, Lot-139
Inbody, Ella Maud, b. Sep 15, 1883, d. Sep 20, 1883, age: 5da, Lot-13
Inbody, George Delbert, d. Jun 16, 1912, age: 2da, Lot-39
Inbody, George Maxwell, b. Nov 21, 1884, d. Jan 06, 1888, age: 3yr 2mo 12da, Lot-13
Inbody, Harold Ralph, d. Aug 05, 1911, age: 3da, Lot-39
Inbody, Zola Grace, b. Jan 19, 1886, d. Jan 06, 1888, age: 1yr 11mo 17da, Lot-13
James, Bertha, d. Feb 12, 1907, age: 20yr 10mo 19da, Lot-20
James, Burnis Francis, b. May 12, 1887, d. Jan 05, 1911, age: 23yr 7mo 24da, s/o J.J. & F.M., Lot-20
James, Charles, d. Dec 23, 1911, age: 56yr 7mo 22da, Lot-20
James, Eva, d. Mar 24, 1907, age: 8yr 2mo 15da, Lot-20
James, Mabel, d. Jan 25, 1909, age: 21yr 4mo 2da, Lot-20
James, Margaret, d. Feb 15, 1891, age: 36yr 6mo 9da, Lot-20
James, Paul Francis, d. Oct 18, 1905, age: 11yr 8mo 27da, Lot-20
James, Thomas, d. Aug 09, 1900, age: 9mo, s/o Mary Ellen & Thomas, Smith & Co, Lot-20
James, William, d. Mar 01, 1898, age: 87yr 10mo 05da, Lot-20
Johnson, Emily Hedvig, d. Oct 10, 1894, age: 4yr 0mo 8da, Lot-11, Nearest Rel A Johnson
Johnson, Hans T., d. Oct 16, 1925, age: 51yr, Lot-161
Jones, Bill, b. 1832, d. 1932, h/o Sherry Kinnier, Lot-93
Jones, Mabel, b. 1902, d. 1978, s/w Ray, Lot-93
Jones, Ray O, b. 1892 Spokane, d. Sep 11, 1964 Freeman, age: 72yr 6mo 2da, s/w Mabel, Thornhill Valley FH, Lot-93
Jundt, Katherine Roach 'Katie', b. Jun 00, 1856, d. Mar 04, 1911, w/o Rudolph, Lot-23
Jundt, Rudolph, b. Mar 00, 1852, d. Nov 02, 1921, h/o Katie, Lot-23
Justice, Bert, d. Oct 20, 1940, age: 53yr, Ball & Dodd FH, Lot-111 *
Justice, Sadie, b. 1862, d. Jul 09, 1923, age: 61yr, w/o Wm, Smith & Co FH, Lot-111
Justice, Walter Earl, b. Jun 01, 1895, d. Apr 00, 1963 Spokane, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-111 *
Keith, Katharine Ann, b. Jun 09, 1906, d. Jul 28, 1907, Lot-141
Kirklin, Nellie C., b. Nov 04, 1886, d. Mar 26, 1907, 20yr 4mo 22da, w/o Ira Kirklin, Lot-81
Kirklin, Sarah, d. Apr 30, 1921, bur. May 02, 1921, Lot-81
Larson, Emily, b. 1868, d. 1898, s/w Julius, Lot-15
Larson, Julius, b. 1863, d. Dec 08, 1935 Coeur d'Alene ID, s/w Emily, Mooney FH, Lot-15
Larson, Selma M., b. 1895, d. Jan 26, 1933, age: 37yr 10mo 16da, Nearest Rel. Geo. Larson, Mooney FH, Lot-15
Lewis, Rose A., b. 1883, d. Aug 20, 1924, age: 41yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-133
Lusk, Elsie, d. 1931, age: 55yr, Hennessey-Calloway FH, Lot-138
Lusk, Warren James, b. Penn, d. Apr 11, 1930, age: 73yr, Henn-Calloway FH, Lot-138
Makepeace, Catherine, b. 1829 Springfield IL, d. Mar 18, 1925 Mica, age: 95yr, Rel. David Makepeace, Hazen-Jaeger FH
Manross, Irene M Scott, b. Missouri, d. Oct 23, 1905, age: 19yr 3mo 16da, married, Smith FH
McDonald, John, b. 1880, d. Jul 12, 1939, age: 56yr, Hennessey-Calloway FH, Lot-95
McIntosh, George, d. Feb 17, 1968, age: baby, Lot-9
McIntosh, Hugh, b. 1858, d. Sep 28, 1938, age: 79yr, Hennessey & Calloway FH, Lot-9
McNeil, Benjamin B., b. Mar 04, 1905, d. Aug 05, 1905, Lot-35
McNelley, Alfred Carmack, d. Jul 11, 1941 Freeman, age: 74yr, h/o Minnie, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-93
McNelley, Minnie G., b. 1869, d. 1963, 93y, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-93
McPherson, Joseph B., d. Apr 20, 1947, age: 62yr 5mo 28da, Hennessey FH, Lot-24, Hard to read
McPherson, Mary Estella, b. 1895, d. Nov 27, 1929, age: 33yr, Hennessey Calloway FH, Lot-10
Moore, Robert, d. Feb 03, 1930, age: 47yr, Mission FH, Lot-126
Mulouin, Maxime, d. Jul 25, 1916, age: 80yr, Mason Emb., Lot-83
Nelson, Andrew H., b. Jul 31, 1840, d. Jan 13, 1920, Lot-116
Nelson, Christian, b. May 14, 1847, d. Sep 20, 1922, Lot-117
Nelson, Matt C., d. Sep 21, 1922, age: 75yr, Hazen & Jaeger FH, Lot-117
Nelson, Nels Julius, d. Clayton WA, bur. Oct 29, 1951, Deer Park FH
Oakes, William Henry, b. 1865, d. May 03, 1936, age: 70yr, h/o Rosa, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-135
Olson, Hans, b. Norway, d. Mar 23, 1925 Freeman, age: 76yr 11mo 23da, h/o Lena or Tena?, Rel. Otto Olson, Lot-43
Olson, Jennie, b. Oct 25, 1870, d. Sep 25, 1896, age: 26yr 11mo, Lot-43
Olson, Minnie T, b. Apr 01, 1884, Madison WI, d. Mar 29, 1963, Spokane, age: 78yr 11mo 29da, Ball&Dodd FH, Lot-43 *
Olson, Tena, b. Aug 26, 1844 Skien, Norway, d. Jan 04, 1905 Freeman WA, age: 64yr 7mo 20da, w/o Hans, Lot-43
Parsons, H. R., d. Apr 26, 1910, Stillborn Baby, Lot-109
Parsons, Herbert Randall, b. 1883 England, d. Sep 04, 1942, age: 58yr, h/o Nancy, Lot-109
Parsons, Nancy Rachel, b. May 03, 1891 Virginia, d. May 06, 1966 Spokane, age: 75yr 3mo, w/o Herbert, Thornhill Valley FH, Lot-110
Patton, Infant, d. Jan 02, 1923, Lot-153
Patton, John Henry, d. Jan 04, 1925, age: 78yr 4mo 10da, SW cor, Lot-158
Patton, May Isabell, d. Jun 26, 1921, Lot-153
Pearson, Herbert Randall, b. England, d. Sep 04, 1942 Boardman OR, age: 58yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-110 *
Ralph, Harold, d. Aug 05, 1911, age: 3da
Rinear, Charles A., Apr 03, 1940 Spangle, age: 83yr, s/o John & Elizabeth
Rinear, Ernest E., b. Jun 28, 1883, d. Aug 12, 1888, age: 5yr 1mo 15da, s/o E.D & M.E., Lot-4
Rinear, Ezra D., d. Jun 16, 1936, Wenatchee, age: 82yr 2mo 18da, Hennessey Lot-4
Rinear, Jane D., b. Mar 22, 1838, d. Jun 02, 1902, age: 64yr 2mo 13da, Lot-5
Rinear, Leroy, d. Aug 26, 1919, Smith & Co, Lot-151
Rinear, Minerva E., b. 1954, d. 1911, age: 57yr, Lot-4
Rinear, Nora, d. Apr 09, 1888, age: 12yr 5mo 20da, Lot-5, d/o J.W.&Sarah E.
Rinear, Percy C., b. Apr 29, 1894, d. Aug 09, 1894, s/o Clarence & Ola, Lot-4
Rinear, Rollie R., b. Jul 31, 1885, d. Jan 21, 1888, age: 2yr 5mo 21da, s/o E.D. & M.E., Lot-4
Rothe, Paul, b. 1863, d. Nov 03, 1923, age: 60yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-138
Rupnow, Ida M., b. 1897, d. 1898, s/w William
Rupnow, William F., b. 1854, d. 1900, s/w Ida
Rynn, Anna, d. Sep 26, 1892, age: 11mo 27da, Lot-25
Rynn, Helma, d. Jan 30, 1895, age: 1mo 10da, Lot-25
Ryum, Chester B., b. Sep 29, 1891, d. Sep 26, 1892, s/o Andrew & Anna Ryum, Lot-25
Ryum, Thelma T., b. Dec 20, 1894, d. Jun 30, 1895, d/o Andrew & Anna Ryum, Lot-25
Sahlie, J, no dates, Lot 107 *
Saunders, Pansy Violet, b. 1904, d. May 25, 1924, age: 20yr, Hennessey-Calloway, Lot-10
Schmidt, Gustave, b. Apr 21, 1890, d. Feb 02, 1939, age: 48y, Smith FH, Lot-203
Scott, Infant, d. Jan 07, 1903, age: 1da, c/o B.F. Scott, Smith FH
Shoepke, August, no dates, Lot-38 *
Smith, ??, no dates, Lot-104 *
Sohli, Fred, no dates, Lot-1
Sorenson, Bernard, d. Oct 08, 1934, Rel. Freeman Sorenson, Hazen-Jaeger FH, disinterred Apr 15, 1944 to Pines Cemetery in Opportunity, Lot-116
Sorenson, Olivia Marie, b. 1876 Huntingdon UT, d. Feb 25, 1928, age: 52yr, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-116
Spring, Margurite E., b. 1905, d. Oct 09, 1935 Sandpoint ID, age: 30yr 1mo 1da, Smith & Co FH, Lot-15
Spring, Ralph Eugene, b. Sep 11, 1926, d. Feb 14, 1948, Idaho, RDM3C USNR WWII
Suiter, Clarence David, b. Apr 12, 1887, d. Mar 21, 1920, age: 32yr 11mo 9da, Lot-100
Suiter, Maurice, b. Sep 02, 1900, d. Aug 20, 1901, age: 11mo 18da, Lot-100
Suiter, Merrian, b. 1892, d. Mar 00, 1899, age: 7yr, Lot-100
Swartz, Floyd W., b. Jul 13, 1890, d. Jan 30, 1979
Swartz, Lela, b. 1891 Hiawatha KS, d. 1906 Mica, 14yr 10mo 29da, s/w Retta & Will Swartz, Lot-132
Swartz, Minerva J., b. 1823, d. 1907, 'Mother'
Swartz, Retta B., b. 1867, d. Aug 28, 1942 Spokane, Smith & Co FH, s/w Will & Lela Swartz, Lot-132
Swartz, Will W., b. 1866, d. 1952, s/w Lela & Retta Swartz
Thew, Adelaide, d. Oct 26, 1891, age: 38yr, w/o E. J.
Thew, Edward J., b. 1846, d. 1917, h/o Adelaide Thew
Tompkins, Henry A., b. Jul 16, 1841, d. Jun 01, 1905, h/o Lodema, Lot-3
Tompkins, Lodema, b. Sep 26, 1854, d. Aug 21, 1889, w/o Henry A., Lot-3
Trethewey, Freddie, d. May 06, 1903, age: 1yr 7mo 21da, Lot-103
White, Myrtle, d. Feb 18, 1901, age: 4yr 11mo 7da, Lot-37, d/o William & Edith
Wood, Rosa Oakes, b. 1876, d. 1951 Dallas OR, w/o Wm H. Oakes, Hazen-Jaeger FH, Lot-135

** Additional information

In September of 2001 the Spokane Valley Kiwanis Club took on the task of cleaning out this cemetery. I visited it on Oct 18, 2001. It is much better, but needs some planning still to decide what to do with plants which will grow back again, like lilacs. I find them a troublesome addition to a cemetery. So many times stones become hidden in them. Visited again in 2002, again overgrown.

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