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Medical Lake Cemetery
Medical Lake, Spokane County, Washington

21419 W Thorpe Road
Medical Lake WA 99022

Lat: 47° 36' 50"N, Lon: 117° 42' 21"W
T24N, R40E, Section 1

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Aug 13, 1999, last edited Oct 29, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 1,107.

To reach the Medical Lake Cemetery drive north of the town of Medical Lake on Brooks Road for two miles, turn west or left onto Thorpe Road for about 1/2 mile. Cemetery is on the south side of Thorpe Road.

The land for the Medical Lake Cemetery was donated in 1881 by the Northern Pacific Railroad. It contained 12.7 acres and has been known as the Medical Lake Cemetery since that time. On Jun 13, 1888, before statehood, individuals made the cemetery legal by filing a plotted tract of land with the Spokane County Courthouse, Territory of Washington for the Medical Lake Cemetery.

For years the records for this cemetery were kept by several different businesses. Due to the continued change of ownership, a complete and accurate listing is not available. In the last years a Medical Lake Cemetery Association has been formed and it is trying to recover as many records as possible. There may also be some of the burials removed from Fairview to this cemetery, these records also are unavailable. (Fairview borders on Medical Lake Cemetery.)

It is said that around 1934 all the burials from Deep Creek Cemetery were removed to Medical Lake Cemetery. I found only one or two that reflected that when transcribing. While they may indeed be in here, no mention is made of the transfer in the records.

Some listings may have more than what the stone had on it, for various reasons. There were new stones in some cases, in some cases it was info from the sexton files. I tried to place most of this added info in parenthesis. Contact people for this cemetery are: Janice Radmer, 509-299-5269, or Eleanor Ahlf, 509-299-3497 or write to PO Box 129, Medical Lake WA 99022.

I do not have a digital photo of every listing but I will share photos that I do have for a donation. Many stones were illegible. Many may be missing many from this listing which either have no stone or it is broken or illegible. Please contact me if you see an error or you have a name I do not have and proof it should be listed here.

I did a complete physical survey of this cemetery on Aug 13, 1999, comparing this with the current sexton files. Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail 1999. I revisited this cemetery on Sep 24, 2004, using my digital camera to read it again. I found 29 new names but have eliminated about 36 of the previous listings due to duplications or errors. I last compared my work with the sexton files on Jan 30, 2014. I continue to add names when I discover them usually from obits in the local papers.

- Maggie Rail


c/o = child of
d/o = d/o
h/o = husband of
s/o = son of
s/w = stone with
w/o = wife of
sss = shared surname stone
B = Block
N = North
L = Lot
E = East
S = South
W = West

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