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Lakeview Memorial Park
Medical Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Lat: 47° 33' 56"N, Lon: 117° 41' 58"W
T24N R40E Sec 24

Dept of Social and Health
PO Box 800
Medical Lake WA 99022

Phone Contact: Linda Bland

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail, © Jun 24, 2003, last edited Nov 24, 2016 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 31.

From I-90 take the first Medical Lake exit as you are driving south from Spokane WA. Continue on Hwy 902 for several miles, passing turns into Medical Lake town, until you see the sign which tells you to turn left to Eastern State Hospital. Continue on this road until you see Howard Street on your left. Make a right turn into the State grounds.

This cemetery is on the Eastern Washington State Hospital Grounds, and permission to visit must be received at the main office as you come in. Volunteer Services will direct you if you cannot find it.

These burials are for those who have lived in Lakeland Village. Lakeland Village is a state facility for the mentally retarded, and perhaps were abandoned by family. Most residents are buried outside the facility by family in a cemetery of their choice. This facility was first called the Custodial School starting in 1906, but in 1915 was changed to Lakeland Village. It might have had other names in the years between.

The burials in all of the cemeteries on Eastern State grounds are marked with a small cement marker with a number on them. Over the years these small markers became buried underground, and in this case, also under manicured lawn. Because of this they could not be found without the map, measuring and digging.

This cemetery has always been kept up as far as being green and the lawn mowed, but it looks more like a park, than a cemetery, and there were no visible markers for many years. In the last years they have had volunteers come in and lift the markers so they are more visible.

If there is an asterisk, I have the photo of that stone, and found it in this cemetery when I visited. The other records were found in my research as I continued to read more cemeteries. I received no records from the staff at Eastern State Hospital. This also may mean there are errors in my work, so do not take it for absolute fact, without further research on your part. If anyone has a name they wish to share, I will be very happy to add it.

I visited this cemetery in July of 2002 and again in 2003.

- Maggie Rail

* = photo
** = from obit
ESH = Eastern State Hospital
LV-MLW = Lakeland Village, Medical Lake, Washington
LVC = Lakeview Cemetery

Appell, Larry G., b. Feb 0, 1945, d. Sep 04, 2008, bro/o Jerene Gibbons **
Assain, John, d. Mar 12, 1941, Custodial School, age 25yr, bur. Custodial School, father in California
Brubaker, Lillian Mae Ross, b. Apr 07, 1883, d. Sep 28, 1953, w/o George Curtis
Byrd, Cleopatra Fuller, b. Aug 19, 1887, d. Mar 25, 1949, w/o John S
Ditlevsen, Bette J, b. Jan 24, 1936, d. Dec 27, 2015 Lakeland Village, d/o George & Elizabeth **
Duffy, Ernest Willard, b. Oct 12, 1906 Seattle WN, d. Feb 19, 1957 LV-MLW, not sure if buried here
Dunford, John Adams, d. Jul 24, 1942 Custodial School, age 22yr, bur. Custodial School, mother in Seattle, Wn
Else-Edwards, Clarence Arthur, b. Dec 12, 1892, d. Dec 09, 1940, h/o Norma Wilson, m. Jun 00, 1932
Foss, Lillian Amanda, b. Aug 20, 1913, d. Jun 15, 1944, d/o Eric and Emma, bur. #649
Friend, Louis J, b. Feb 02, 1916, d. Sep 20, 1936, s/o Grover & Tillie
Glasgow, James, b.Mar 08, 1857, d. Sep 10, 1941, h/o Ada E Leipham
Granger, Louise, d. Sep 29, 1949 LV-MLW, age 63yr, bur. LVC
Grenier, Agnes, b. 1899, d. 1918, Mother, marker *
Hannon, Patrick Collen, d. Jan 19, 1939 Custodial School, Medical Lake, Wn, age 2yr, s/o Mary Hannon, bur. at Custodial School
Harrington, Eileen, d. Sep 11, 1948 LV-MLW, age 32yr, bur. LVC, d/o Mrs. Minnie Harrington
Jones, Alfred W, Jr, d. 1922 Custodial School, age: 10yr, s/o Alfred W & Malinda, bur. Medical Lake, death record
Kermen, Raymond Leroy 'Jeff', b. Jul 07, 1903, d. Nov 19, 1953, s/o William F & Mary Ann
Kuzmi, Michael, d. Oct 11, 1950 LV-MLW, age 50y, bur. LVC
La Riviere, Marie, d. May 20, 1941 Custodial School, bur. Custodial School
Lenseigne, Richard, d. Mar 08, 1947 Custodial School, Medical Lake, Wn, age 12, bur. custodial school, s/o Victor Leseigne of Moxee, Wa
Lines, Arlaine Mae, d. Jun 24, l949 LV-MLW, age 13yr, bur. LVC, d/o Arthur T. & Evelyn (McCall) Lines
Lovell, Jessie Margaurite, b. Jan 19, 1900, d. May 25, 1932, s/o Sherman & Phoebe
Mack, Cora E, b. 1903, d. Mar 26, 1944, d/o Estella & Elmer, bur. #645
Morales, Lupe, d. Dec 31, 1940 Custodial School, age 33yr, bur. Custodial School
Petty, Leigh Ann, b. Mar 02, 1946, d. Dec 18, 2008, d/o Louise & David **
Pierce, Ruth, b. Mar 27, 1930 Seattle, d. 23 Feb 1951 ESH, age 20yr, bur. LVC, d/o Robert & E. H. (Turner) Pierce, Seattle
Randolph, Marcia E. B., d. Mar 27, 1945 Custodial School, age 49yr, bur. custodial school, sister of C.E.Browning
Rubenser, Lewis, b. 1853 Austria, d. aft 1892, h/o Johanna Rachels, m. Dec 09, 1878
Rumsey, Charles D, b. 1916, d. May 30, 1951, age 35yr, s/o H.E., LV-MLW, bur. LVC
Tankesley, Theresa, d. Apr 09, 1950 LV-MLW, age 40yr, bur. LVC, d/o Albert & Anna Tankeslay
Waldron, Colleen Claire, d. Sep 19, 1952 LV-MLW, age 6yr, bur. LVC, d/o Arthur J.B.& Anna Marie (Mocaer) Waldron

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