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Holy Cross Cemetery
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington

7200 N Wall St
Spokane WA 99208

Lat: 47° 43' 27"N, Lon: 117° 24' 58"W
T26N R43E S30

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 15, 2002, last edited Mar 27, 2018 [mrail@asisna.com] Total = 27,142.

Holy Cross Cemetery is located in North Spokane on Wall Street. It is easily reached by going west to Wall from Division at most any point along the way and continuing north to the cemetery, which is on the east side of Wall.

Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic Cemetery which had been in existence since the early 1900's. It is perpetual care and very well maintained. This cemetery and Saint Joseph Cemetery in the City of Spokane Valley are both maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Spokane. If you wish photos of a headstone, contact the cemetery office and they will be willing to take a digital photo for you.

I have been told it was established by Bishop Charles D White in February of 1931 as a diocesan cemetery of the Spokane churches and replaces at least one other burial ground. It is 77 acres in size with 28,000 burials. So this means I do not have all listed here.

When I started this project, I rather doubted I would finish it, but thanks to the help of first Madeline Edgren and later Ila Wakley, it has come to pass. Madeline helped at the start and then personal duties prevented her from finishing. Like a miracle, Ila offered to help me. Now the initial work is completed and I intend to try to keep it up to date as much as possible.

This is a record of the burial and death records from the office at Holy Cross Cemetery. This does not include the tombstone readings, which saddens me, but when the cemetery is so large, I reasoned a name and one date was better than nothing.

Occasionally I have added records I found in my other work, which were not a part of the office records, but I felt worthy of being added. One example was a list of a couple dozen names from the records at St Anne Church in Medical Lake, which included burials at Holy Cross. Most were simply additional information to and existing name.

The dates are the burial dates before 1985. Starting in January of 1985, they are the death dates. If you spot one typed incorrectly, I apologize. A few birthdates have been added, when I came upon them, but not many. There are many without a date. This is because there is not one. There were periods of time when no one kept a good record.

I do have one caution to all. There seemed to be an unusual amount of people living over 100yr of age, so I started checking on their birthdates. I discovered that many are errors. I found some that only lived to be 75yr old, and it said they lived longer, so beware, this may not be accurate.

From experience I have learned that sometimes when it says Jan 01, then the year, for the death or burial date, this often means the person was born or died sometime in that year. This also can apply to the month dates. Apparently the cemetery programs at first had to put in a date when they did not know all of the date, it would come up 01, when only the month or year is known. This is not to say some did not die or get buried on the first day of a month. I doubt many were on the first day of the year. The newer software does not do this however.

Madeline Edgren, Ila Wakley and I worked for over a year to get the first group typed up, bringing the records up to about March of 2000. I have since had three different updates from the cemetery. At this time these records are complete up to Oct 31, 2007. Entries after that date are from obits.

One other addition of 20 names were added from the removal of the Lady of the Valley Cemetery in Stevens County WA along with headstones and reinterred into the Holy Cross Cemetery in Oct of 2012, per Sr Judith.

- Maggie Rail
FH = funeral home
HCC = Hennessey-Calloway Chapel
Henn-Call = Hennessey-Calloway Chapel
Henn-Smith = Hennessey-Smith FH

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