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Fairview Cemetery
Cheney, Spokane County, Washington

Lat: 47° 28' 58"N, Lon: 117° 36' 11"W
T23N, R41 Sec 14

Contact: 217 Third St
Cheney WA 99004
509- 235-4453

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Dec 27, 1999, last edited Aug 24, 2017 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 1,147.

Located about one half mile west of Cheney on Salnave Road at the edge of the west city limits.

In 1880 the town site of Cheney was surveyed and a new city created. In this same year at a meeting held by the citizens of what was to be Cheney selected a site for a "burying ground." They selected 10 acres on the SE¼ of Sec 14, a mile west of town.

Another meeting in January of 1881 organized a Cemetery Association. They selected the name Fairview Cemetery, for the 10 acres purchased from Thomas J. McFerron. It was not dedicated until Dec 24, 1914.

It is on a rather steep hillside, consisting of about 6 acres, with a nearly 2 acre addition to the west adjoining Sec 5 and 6. Somehow, without the cemetery knowing, a builder purchased 3 plus acres from the city to build houses, resulting in the Association purchasing these 2 acres in 1988 from the Cheney Dome Corporation.

Since the late 1940s the city has had no interest in Fairview and it remained unkept for many years. In 1983 a boy scout constructed an attractive rock entrance to Fairview with a gate which is kept locked. The key can be checked out from the Cheney Police Department at 215 'G' Street. A chain link fence surrounds much of the cemetery. There is a small "walk through" gate at the east end of the entrance.

Because I had some of these records from the sexton files first, I have more info on many than is on the headstone. Those with an * asterisk, came from Sexton files and I found no stone when I surveyed the cemetery again with my digital camera in May of 2006.

For listings without locations from the sexton files, I tried to show a location using the Legend below. There are three basic areas which run uphill with a road between. They all start at the south entrance and continue north up the hill, which is quite steep in places. It really should be terraced more than it is.

I found several stones half buried from the sliding of the land on the hillside. Also some were buried with soil from a previous digging and they did not clean the stones off good from the soil thrown on them, causing them to adhere to the stone, making it impossible to read easily. This cemetery gets care, but it looks like they have special areas where they tend to it better than other areas.

The history of Fairview as well as histories of many of those buried here are kept by the historian and names and locations are kept by the sexton of the Cheney Cemetery Assoc. PO Box 461, Cheney WA 99004

I have transcribed from the current sexton files and other records complete only up to © 1999, with additions since that time. I did a complete reading with my digital camera on May 23, 2006. Entries after that were from obits.

- Maggie Rail


* = no stone found
P = plot
Sec E = East Section
Sec M = Middle Section
Sec W = West Section
b. = born
c/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = dau of
h/o = husband of
s/o = son of
s/w = stone with or shared with
sss = shared surname stone
w/o = wife of
* = obit

Earliest birth date listed - 1881
Earliest death date listed - 1867
Most recent death date listed - 2015

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