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Eastern State Hospital Cemetery #2
Spokane County, Washington

Dept of Social and Health
PO Box 800
Medical Lake WA 99022

Lat: 47° 33' 56"N, Lon: 117° 41' 51"W
T24N R40E Sec 13

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail, © Jun 24, 2003, last edited May 11, 2015 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 168.

From I-90 take the first Medical Lake exit as you are driving south from Spokane. Continue on Hwy 902 for several miles, passing turns into Medical Lake town, until you see the sign which tells you to turn left to Eastern State Hospital. Continue on this road until you see Howard Street on your left. Make a right turn into the State grounds. There will be no road sign, but it is Fourth Street I think.

This cemetery is on the Eastern Washington State Hospital Grounds, and permission to visit must be received at the main office as you come in. Volunteer Services will direct you if you cannot find it.

In the early days, burial records were not well kept. No plan was laid out to bury, or perhaps it was because different people handled the burials. They did not follow a well laid our plat map. Years of burials are scattered also into more than one area. I am only hoping I am correct in those middle dates. There are some in Cemetery #2 also who died earlier than 1942. The sure way to know is have the office look up the records and they will show you the burial spot, if you are a blood relative.

The burials in all of the cemeteries on Eastern State grounds are marked with a small cement marker with a number on them. No particular order of burial it seems in many cases, but they are all numbered well. Over the years these small markers became buried underground. This made it so that many no longer knew where the cemeteries were. Just a weed patch, hiding both headstones and cemeteries, after they discontinued using them for burials.

In the last years the Volunteer Services Department has worked at organizing volunteer groups to help with the project they had in mind, to restore the cemeteries. First it was the cleanup, then the lifting of each of the markers to ground level. Then a plan to see that the area is mowed regularly by the groundskeepers.

This second cemetery was completed and rededicated on Jun 13, 2003, except for the sign. They chose to use the dates 1942-1953 on the sign, however this does not really mean that all burials in this cemetery are within this date frame. It was just a guideline to go by, because only the records office knows the real dates, and I think the dates overlap into both cemeteries. The important part was to get them cleaned out, and this was named #2 because it was the second one they cleaned up and rededicated.

I noticed a section of this one that had a headstone earlier than 1942 in it. This area looks like it is possibly the place where they started the first burials, and it is set apart from the area near it down the hill, but no one knows. It was decided to make it all one cemetery with two sections.

If there is an asterisk, I have the photo of that stone, and found it in this cemetery. The other records were found in my research as I continued to read more cemeteries, or from a family member. I received no records from the staff at Eastern State Hospital. This also may mean there are errors in my work, so do not take it for absolute fact, without further research on your part. Any listed below, which have no asterisk, could be in Cemetery #1.

I visited this cemetery in July of 2002 and again Jun 13, 2003.

- Maggie Rail

Ake, Riley, b. Jan 03, 1877, d. Feb 19, 1944, s/o Thomas, ESH
Allen, Elizabeth Barnaby, b. 1854, d. Sep 24, 1898, w/o Wm Newman #2 Nelson Allen, ESH #66
Arci, Rosario, d. Jun 22, 1948 ESH, age: 68yr, s/o Salvatore & Filomena (Veteri) Arci, bur. ESH
Assain, John, b. 1915, d. Mar 12, 1941, ESH
Baker, Richard L., d. May 04, 1953 ESH, age: 63yr, bur. ESH
Barkowski, Bruno, d. Sep 02, 1950 ESH, age: 67yr, bur. ESH
Bauer, Frank, d. Apr 27, 1944 ESH, age: 73yr, s/o Frank Bauer of Spokane, Wn, bur. ESH
Bauer, Matilda, d. Mar 13, 1944 ESH, age: 35yr, left husband Roy and mother in Yakima, Wn, bur. ESH
Bednarz, Andrew, d. Jun 26, 1953 ESH, age: 65yr, bur. ESH
Bengston, John F, d. Oct 23, 1923, age: 66yr, s/o Tuner & Joster, ESH
Berg, Walter, d. May 28, 1948 ESH, age: 62yr, s/o Voc Bogaei & Francisca Budick, bur. ESH
Berhrig, Henry, d. Feb 20, 1945 ESH, left wife Helon, divorced, bur. ESH
Bismark, Henry, d. Apr 19, 1946 ESH, age: 93yr, s/o Henry and Berdeena (Maynery) Bismark, bur. ESH
Bodie, John, d. Jan 26, l949 ESH, age: 73yr, s/o Francis & Susan (Pitman) Bodie, bur. ESH
Bolser, Laura Jenkins, b. Feb 02, 1873, d. Feb 23, 1951, ESH
Bonafede, Gus, d. May 27, 1945 ESH, age: 66yr, left daughter Frances Bonafede, bur. ESH
Bonsonello, Pasqualla Angello, d. Feb 04, 1948 ESH, age: 62yr, s/o Pasqualle & Rosa, ESH
Borden, Dwight, d. Jun 02, 1948 ESH, age: 37yr, s/o John & Carrie (Williams) Borden, bur. ESH
Boyd, Philip, d. Nov 18, 1949 ESH, age: 44yr, s/o Frank & Minnie Boyd, bur. ESH
Brannon, Carl, b. Oct 04, 1885, d. May 19, 1917, ESH
Breedlove, Leila G Kjos, b. Aug 1891, d. Jun 18, 1933, #8414, ESH
Brindley, Martin Sterling, b. Oct 1848, d. Jun 29, 1932, cem 1 or 2, ESH
Brown, Mike, d. Nov 06, 1947 ESH, age: 72yr, s/o John and Lizzie Bender, (sic), bur. ESH
Camenzind, Casper, d. May 02, 1949 ESH, age: 66yr, s/o Babs & Maggie (Miller) Camenzind, bur. ESH
Campbell, Forest, d. Dec 15, 1946 ESH, age: 48yr, bur. ESH
Cavanaugh, Edward, d. Jan 20, 1943 ESH, bur. ESH
Cendu, Andrew, d. Aug 15, 1950 ESH, age: 69yr, bur. ESH
Chase, Helen, d. Mar 03, 1953 ESH, age: 69yr, bur. ESH, d/o Sam & Malvina (Cromp) Allard
Clark, Pierce, d. Jul 04, 1946, age: 52yr, s/o John R and Millie, death cert #327, bur. ESH
Connors, Edward, d. Oct 03, 1948 ESH, age: 86yr, s/o Michael Janie Connors, bur. ESH
Cozlinski, Michael, d. Dec 17, 1947 ESH, age: 65yr, bur. ESH
Curley, Jack, d. Sep 13, 1951 ESH, age: 77yr, bur. ESH
Cvijorick, Annie, d. Aug 30, 1948 ESH, age: 68yr, bur. ESH
Dandoy, Wm. F., d. Jan 20, 1948 ESH, age: 67yr, bur. ESH
Davidson, Charles, d. Apr 19, 1946 ESH, age: 93yr, s/o Ezra Davidson and an Indian, bur. ESH
DelMaestro, Robert, d. Oct 20, 1952 ESH, age: 68yr, s/o Ranaer & Parmeter (Rosse) DelMaestro, bur. ESH
Dilly, Fred A. V., d. Oct 24, 1948 ESH, age: 53yr, s/o Anton Dilly, bur. ESH
Dixson, Eleanor L Bushnell 'Nellie', b. Sep 06, 1870, d. Nov 04, 1947, ESH #331
Dolan, William W., d. Mar 21, 1949 ESH, age: 69yr, s/o John & Margaret (Mongon) Dolan, bur. ESH
Drake, George, d. Jul 23, 1945 ESH, age: 79yr, bur. ESH
Dunford, John Adams, Jr, b. Nov 07, 1919, d. Jul 24, 1940, s/o John & Margaret, ESH
Dunn, James, d. Oct 15, 1948 ESH, age: 74yr, s/o Thomas & Sarah (Shed) Dunn, bur. ESH
Dunn, Mike, d. Sep 25, 1948 ESH, age: 81yr, bur. ESH
Ells, Pricilla Miriam, b. Apr 29, 1865, d. Aug 25, 1915, Not Forgotten #480 *
Fallon, Frank, d. Dec 11, 1950 ESH, age: 83yr, death index says age: 80yr, bur. ESH
Francis, Harriet, d. Nov 20, 1916, age: 62yr, d/o Jonathon & Mary Ann Typton, ESH
Frankovich, Michael, d. Oct 22, 1949 ESH, age: 79yr, s/o John & Katie Frankovich, bur. ESH
Freeman, Leo Patrick, d. Apr 07, 1949 ESH, age: 68yr, brother of F.A. Freeman, bur. ESH
Frost, Fletcher, d. Nov 11, 1948 ESH, age: 62yr, bur. ESH
Ganua, Manuel, d. Nov 19, 1949 ESH, age: 79yr, s/o Jose & Antonia Ganva, bur. ESH
Gibbs, James, d. Aug 18, 1952 ESH, age: 70yr, bur. ESH
Grebner, August, d. Feb 24, 1949 ESH, age: 68yr, bur. ESH
Greer, Julia, d. Oct 13, 1950 ESH, age: 70yr, d/o Michael & Rose Martin Whalen, bur. ESH
Grillo, Rosa (Antonio), d. Apr 03, 1950 ESH, age: 77yr, d/o Saverio Behillano and Maria (Olivete), bur. ESH
Gruber, Andrew, d. Nov 29, 1948 ESH, age: 82yr, bur. ESH
Gullicksen, Isaac, d. Sep 06, 1946 ESH, age: 78yr, bur. ESH
Hague, Charles, d. Nov 24, 1949 ESH, age: 69yr, bur. ESH
Haight, Harlan Frank, d. Jan 21, 1949 ESH, age: 67yr, s/o F. H. & Hattie (Hoyt) King, (sic), bur. ESH
Hanley, Thomas, d. Aug 30, 1946 ESH, age: 80yr, s/o John and Julia (Burke) Hanley, bur. ESH
Harwood, William, d. Nov 13, 1925, age: 51yr, s/o Walter & Martha
Hennelly, David, d. Apr 10, 1949 ESH, age: 65yr, s/o John & Mary (Farragher) Hennely, bur. ESH
Higgins, James, d. Jun 26, 1946 ESH, age: 71yr, bur. ESH
Hill, John Wilson, b. Feb 20, 1863 in WV, d. May 23, 1953 ESH, bur. ESH
Hills, John, d. Mar 13, 1947 ESH, age: 55yr, bur. ESH
Horak, Frank, d. Feb 20, 1949 ESH, age: 45yr, left sister, Mrs. M. Slaby, bur. ESH
Hubon, Jacob, d. Dec 04, 1943 ESH, age: 67yr, bur. ESH
Jakubowski, John, d. Aug 18, 1952 ESH, age: 70yr, s/o Stanley & Klara (Trinsissewska) Jakubowski, bur. ESH
Jarvis, Denis, d. Nov 21, 1948 ESH, age: 90yr, left son Jim, bur. ESH
Johnson, Franz, d. Oct 22, 1951 ESH, age: 66yr, s/o John Nelson & Liza Anderson, bur. ESH
Johnston, Elizabeth, d. Mar 17, 1947 ESH, age: 71yr, left nieces and cousins, bur. ESH
Jones, Geo., d. Mar 19, 1949 ESH, age: 71yr, s/o Fred J. & Maggie Jones, bur. ESH
Juell, Alfred, d. Aug 07, 1946 ESH, age: 40yr, s/o S. and Alice Juell, bur. ESH
Julian, Peter, b. Switzerland, d. Sep 15, 1956 ESH, Medical Lake, Wn., was a blacksmith, bur. ESH
Kane, Phillip, d. Oct 29, 1947 ESH, age: 80yr, s/o Michael and Mary (Mulcahy) Kane, left son Phillip Kane Jr, bur. ESH
Kaspatis, Ralph, b. May 21, 1878 Hamburg, Germany, d. Jan 27, 1947 ESH, age: 67yr, bur. ESH
Keegan, Murt, d. Mar 25, 1947 ESH, age: 72yr, bur. ESH
Kelly, Robert Earl, d. Jun 03, 1948 ESH, age: 64yr, bur. ESH, s/o Patrick & Anna (Brown) Kelly
Kennedy, Eugene, d. Feb 08, 1951 ESH, age: 62yr, bur. ESH
King, Elizabeth, b. 1831, d. Apr 06, 1897, age: 66yr, ESH
Koempel, Sophie, d. Aug 12, 1909, Mother
Kominski, Clarence S., d. May 29, 1951 ESH, age: 35yr, s/o George Kominski, bur. ESH
Konessi, Joe, d. Feb 02, 1945 ESH, age: 73yr, s/o John and Mary (Petressko) Konessi, bur. ESH
Kruger, Carl, d. Dec 04, 1948 ESH, age: 86yr, bur. ESH
Latour, George, d. Dec 04, 1946 ESH, age: 65yr, left an aunt In Duluth, Minn, bur. ESH
Lenseigne, Richard, b. 1935, d. 1947, bur. ESH
Lilly, Mary, d. Oct 06, 1952 ESH, age: 65yr, d/o Joseph & Theresa Kostek, bur. ESH
Long, Elizabeth, d. Oct 15, 1943 ESH, bur. ESH
Lundy, Chas., d. Jun 14, 1944 ESH, age: 42yr, bur. ESH
Maganas, Victor, d. Sep 25, 1947 ESH, age: 43yr, s/o Joseph and Guadalupe Maganas, bur. ESH
Manning, Thomas, d. Sep 17, 1944 ESH, age: 44yr, s/o John Manning, Agnes McCabe, bur. ESH
Martini, Joseph, d. Jan 12, 1951 ESH, age: 71yr, bur. ESH
Matezak, George, d. Mar 02, 1950 ESH, age: 75yr, s/o George & Mary Matezak, bur. ESH
Mathes, Paul, d. Aug 19, 1948 ESH, age: 67yr, Body removed, s/o Paul Mathes, bur. ESH
McAtee, Helen, d. Sep 26, l948 ESH, age: 64yr, d/o Thomas & Kate McAtee, bur. ESH
McCarthy, Helen G McAtee, b. Jun 1884, d. Sep 26, 1948, w/o Timothy J
McCoy, Thomas, d. Dec 17, 1951 ESH, age: 68yr, bur. ESH
McGrory, Edward J, d. May 11, 1950 ESH, age: 76yr, Mrs Sabo of Bozeman, Mont, a niece, bur. ESH
Metz, Frank, d. Jun 02, 1951 ESH, age: 69yr, bur. ESH
Micken, Wm., d. Jul 02, 1946 ESH, age: 72yr, bur. ESH, s/o Mike and Ann Micken
Mijokovich, Jarko, d. Jan 02, 1951 ESH, age: 70yr, s/o Mitar and Manda (Joekick) Mijokovich, bur. ESH
Miller, Joseph, d. ESH 18 Sep 1950 ESH, age: 67yr, s/o Simon & Johanna Miller, bur. ESH
Mohler, John, b. Oct 17, 1882, d. Apr 18, 1956, Bl-16 Sec 1 #19
Mola, Peter, d. 23 Apr, 1953 ESH, age: 69yr, bur. ESH
Moran, Tom, d. Oct 29, 1951 ESH, age: 70yr, bur. ESH, s/o Wm. Moran
Morgan, Wesley, b. 1815, d. Mar 16, 1902 *
Morrissey, Jim, d. Oct 07, 1951 ESH, age: 84yr, bur. ESH
Morrow, Oliver, d. Apr 09, 1946 ESH, age: 98yr, bur. ESH
Murphy, Michael, d. Dec 26, 1951 ESH, age: 63yr, s/o Michael and Mary (Hummell) Murphy, bur. ESH
Musselman, Henry, d. Mar 02, 1948 ESH, age: 79yr, s/o Henry and Barbara Musselman, bur. ESH
Myers, Jessie, d. Mar 02, 1950 ESH, age: 70yr, bur. ESH
Nels, Frank, d. Mar 31, 1950 ESH, age: 70yr, s/o Jacob & Neza Nels, bur. ESH
Nelson, George, d. Nov 16, l943 ESH, bur. ESH
Nelson, Patrick, d. Jul 19, 1946 ESH, age: 61yr, bur. ESH
Niebur, Frank E, d. Aug 18, 1921, age: 51yr, s/o J.J, ESH #739
Noiske, Joseph, d. Mar 30, 1948 ESH, age: 75yr, s/o Peter and Anna Noisko, bur. ESH
Novak, Frank, d. Apr 26, 1950 ESH, age: 74yr, bur. ESH
Otterbein, Albert, d. Jun 24, 1948 ESH, age: 63yr, bro/o Mrs Martha Hinges & Ms Lucy Mankey, bur. ESH
Parker, Harvey, d. Nov 11, 1952 ESH, age: 58yr, bur. ESH
Parker, Wm., d. Aug 01, 1945 ESH, age: 74yr, s/o Augustus and Mary (Deinnurel) Parker, bur. ESH
Parsich, Martin, d. Sep 10, 1949 ESH, age: 67yr, brother of Mike & John Parsich, bur. ESH
Petch, Reuben Robinson, d. May 15, 1952 ESH, age: 81yr, bur. Eastern State Hospital
Phelps, Frank, d. May 04, 1943 ESH, bur. ESH
Pompeii, Dominic, d. May 29, l944 ESH, age: 68yr, s/o Telesporoa Maria Pompeii, bur. ESH
Prew, Fred, b. Aug 05, 1882, d. Aug 14, 1951, h/o Margaretha
Putnam, Fred, d. May 20, 1945 ESH, age: 57yr, left daughter Frances L. Smith, bur. ESH
Ramos, Frederico, d. Jun 07, 1951 ESH, age: 54yr, bur. ESH
Ready, Wm., d. Feb 28, 1944 ESH, bur. ESH
Reis, Peter, d. Dec 26, 1944 ESH, age: 84yr, bur. ESH
Richman, Michael, d. Jul 09, 1949 ESH, age: 78yr, bur. ESH
Riley, Edw., d. Nov 16, 1950 ESH, age: 76yr, s/o James & Betty Riley, bur. ESH
Ritke, Michael, d. Jul 03, 1949 ESH, age: 69yr, bur. ESH
Roberts, William Reese, b. Nov 03, 1856, d. Dec 18, 1934, h/o Lavina Shubert, #1487
Roderick, Louis, d. Mar 15, 1947 ESH, age: 63yr, bur. ESH
Romeo, Mastro, d. 22 Aug 22, 1951 ESH, age: 83yr, bur. ESH
Rossi, John, d. Apr 10, 1952 ESH, age: 72yr, bur. ESH
Ruzich, John, d. Jun 30, 1950 ESH, age: 70yr, bur. ESH
Savage, Jack, d. Aug 27, l944 ESH, age: 67yr, bur. ESH
Sayen, Carmel, d. Jan 31, 1947 ESH, age: 78yr, bur. ESH
Scheid, Frank, d. Feb 23, 1948 ESH, age: 87yr, f/o Hedwig Smith & Theresa Horton, bur. ESH
Scribner, Martha Beal Emery 'Mattie', b. Feb 17, 1866, d. Mar 29, 1935, ESH #151
Sexton, William, d. Feb 18, 1948 ESH, age: 79yr, s/o Geo. and Anna Purcell (Murphy) Sexton, bur. ESH
Shanoske, Mike, d. Nov 19, 1943 ESH, age: 60yr, bur. ESH
Skagerberg, Gust Frederick, d. 1948 Medical Lake WA, bur. ESH #355
Smith, Minnie, d. Jun 19, 1952 ESH, age: 69yr, d/o Izzie & Annie (Springarn) Smith, bur. ESH
Spady, Conrad, b. Aug 18, 1895, d. Dec 15, 1918, ESH, age: 25yr, s/o John & Emma
Stamper, John M, b. Dec 28, 1849, d. May 05, 1927
Stanhope, Clarence T, d. Feb 02, 1929, ESH, #1115
Steele, John A., d. Jan 09, 1951 ESH, age: 62yr, bur. ESH
Stergulio, Anthony, d. Apr 03, 1944 ESH, age: 79yr, bur. ESH
Stevan, Milan, d. Oct 02, 1944 ESH, age: 62yr, mother, s/o Phillip and Marie, bur. ESH
Sturdivant, Riley, d. Apr 20, 1944 ESH, age: 64yr, bur. ESH
Sullivan, Kathleen Lydia, b. 1899, d. 1943, Beloved Mother & Grandmother, ESH
Sumner, John, b. Jun 25, 1845, d. 1945, s/o Wm & Fannie, ESH
Thode, Magdaline Wilhelmina (Sell) 'Lena' b. Nov 09, 1884 MN, d. Aug 24, 1947 Medical Lake WA, bur. ESH #313 *
Tossalai, Paul, d. Jul 17, 1943 ESH, age: 86yr, bur. ESH
Travers, Anna, d. Feb 09, 1945 ESH, age: 71yr, bur. ESH
Tullor, Martin W, d. Apr 17, 1950, age: 68yr, s/o William & Rachel
Twaha, Lizzie Page, d. Jun 08, 1946 ESH, age: 76yr, DC #287, d/o James S. & Sarah McLaughlin Lemon, sister Anna
Usher, Arthur, d. Mar 08, 1953 ESH, age: 52yr, s/o Everett L. & Hattie Usher, bur. ESH
Vergal, Michael, d. Oct 14, 1949 ESH, age: 74yr, half brother of Magda Vergal, bur. ESH
Vergin, Emil, d. Aug 20, 1948 ESH, age: 72yr, s/o John Vergin, bur. ESH
Vesdick, Lozo, d. May 21, 1953 ESH, age: 77yr, bur. ESH
Walsh, LeRoy, d. May 02, 1945 ESH, age: 32yr, s/o Mrs. Joseph Walsh, bur. ESH
Wiley, Mike (Milovan Valovich) d. Jun 20, 1953 ESH, age: 70yr, bur. ESH
Wilson, Fred, d. May 09, 1948 ESH, age: 89yr, left widow Anna E. Curtis (sic), bur. ESH
Wilson, Geo. S., d. Dec 08, 1945 ESH, age: 67yr, s/o Hannah Smart, bur. ESH
Wolvin, Fred, b. 1865, d. 1931, bur. ESH *
Yeakel, John, d. Sep 03, 1950 ESH, age: 75yr, bur. ESH

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