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Deep Creek Cemetery
Deep Creek, Spokane County, Washington

McFarlane Rd, 1/2 mi W of Brooks Rd
Which is south of Hwy #2
T25N R40E Sec 25

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Jan 27, 2001 © last edited Jun 28, 2014 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 20.

The site of this abandoned cemetery was about ½ mile east and one mile south of the Village of Deep Creek WA.

Deep Creek Cemetery is abandoned and by 1930 most of the graves had been moved to the Medical Lake cemetery, one mile south of this location. In the move one monument was left for some reason. It might have been overlooked, no one is sure because no records have been found. This monument stayed in place along McFarlane Rd until about 1964 when the road was widened. The monument was removed. The land where the cemetery was is under cultivation.

It was reported in March of 1960 by John N. Johnson, who resided about one mile south of the village of Deep Creek, that his father, Lars Peter Johnson (1859-1934) helped to remove the remains and monuments of those buried in Deep Creek Cemetery to Medical Lake Cemetery. He further stated that probably some of the graves in Deep Creek Cemetery were not found, and not removed.

In 1964 McFarlane road was widened and the monument disappeared. The land is now under cultivation. No records have ever been found for the cemetery to date, however I have found names listed in the state archives death records and other sources, where they state, buried in Deep Creek.

- Maggie Rail

Alder, Joseph, d. Dec 26, 1904 Deep Creek, age: 38yr, info-James McDavell, Smith FH
Anderson, Mary Green, d. May 02, 1915, age: 54yr
Brickell, Lillian, d. Aug 10, 1904, age: 23da, d/o W.E. & Fannie Brickell, Smith FH
Cock, John, b. May 28, 1852 Cornwell Eng, d. Jul 31, 1909 Spokane WA, h/o Asenath M Larsen, per Ruth Schafer
Crowell, Jane N, d. Jun 11, 1902, age: 35yr, Smith FH
Goodman, Charles Grant, b. Aug 02, 1885, d. Mar 31, 1888, s/o William and Margaret
Goodman, Margaret Augusta Adams, b. Sep 12, 1857, d. Jan 13, 1896, w/o William T
Goodman, William Thomas, b. Dec 04, 1853, d. Mar 29, 1888, h/o Margaret Adams, m. 1876
Gray, Frances Nicodemus 'Fannie', b. Dec 04, 1853, d. Mar 29, 1888, w/o John Stephens, obit
Hicks, Margaret Massey, d. Jul 15, 1905, age: 61yr, widow, info-T.A. Hicks, Smith FH
Hicks, Thomas, no dates, info by t.A. Hicks, bur. Deep Creek WA, Smith FH
Kjarkner, John S, d. Mar 21, 1905, age: 40yr, Turnbull Undty Co FH, removed to West Greenwood
Lung, John A, Dr, d. Mar 31, 1913, age: 89yr, s/o Jonas B Lung, ord by B.F. Marsh, widow, Buchanan FH, bur. Apr 03, 1913
O'Hara, Benjamin Edward, b. Mar 04, 1847, d. Feb 22, 1924
Peterson, Etta Wilton, d. Jan 20, 1917 Newman Lake, age: 42yr
Sizelove, Jacob, b. Jul 10, 1834, d. Dec 27, 1889, age: 55yr 6mo 13da, h/o Amanda, m. Sep 21, 1858
Stroup, Fredrick Flaren, b. Feb 22, 1872 Alsed OR, d. Dec 16, 1938 Deep Creek, s/o Alfred Stroup & Nancy Springer, moved from Deep Creek Cemetery, B3-L27-S51
Swanson, Sven, d. Dec 10, 1918, age: 3yr, s/o Ben and Alma
Tinsley, John F, b. Calif, d. Jun 01, 1906, age: 27yr, Smith & Co FH, DC
Warner, B. F., Dr, d. Jul 11, 1902, age: 63yr, Smith FH

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