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Things To Do

Let's look at some things we should check before we begin the job.

a. Check with the cemetery office, or owners, to see if and when it is okay to work on the stone and to find out if they have rules you should follow.

b. Make sure the stone is able to be repaired. Sometimes it might be better to get a new one.

c. Very important to make sure you have enough helpers available to assist you with the lifting, or to make sure the marker does not topple over on you as you work. Never try it alone if you are redoing the base especially.

d. Make sure you have all your supplies and instructions before you start.

e. Make sure you have help both lifting and replacing the stone. Plan the level it should be in conjunction with what should be on top. If lawn is to be there, evaluate the depth for that. The sand/peastone mixture provides the proper drainage for protecting the marker.

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