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Supplies and Suppliers

Supplies needed and where to purchase them

Adhesive for Marble - Barre-Pak Epoxy - 70 gram kit, to match stone color - Miles Supply Co Inc, PO Box 237, Barre VT 05641-0237 (1-801-476-3863)

Adhesive for Stone and Pinning - Akepox 2010 Epoxy Transp L Spec - Honey- 2.25 Kg (GranQuartz, PO Box 33569, Decatur GA 30033, 1-800-458-6222) if you cannot find it locally

Glycerine - health food store, bakery supply or chemical stores (only use the pure)

Kaolin/Porcelain Clay (dry) - EPK Kaolin: 50# bag - $14.99 at Georgie's Ceramic Products - 756 NE Lombard, Portland OR 97211, 1-503-283-1353, if not found locally

Peastone - at most any hardware store

Photo-Flo - purchased at most Photographic supply places.

Pins - Fiberglass type are required. These do not expand or contract from the weather. They come in a Fiberglass Rod, " x 5'. Can be found at PRG Products, PO Box 1768, Rockville MD 20849-1768, if you cannot find elsewhere (1-801-476-3963)

Sand, lime, cement etc. - Building supply store or hardware

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