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Poultice For Moss Removal

Items needed for poultice for moss romoval

1 - Glycerine and water (must be pure glycerine)

2 - Kaolin/porcelain clay (dry)

3 - Plastic and wood scapers

4 - Plastic wrap and heavy black plastic for wrapping

5 - Tape or string to secure the plastic

a. Mix the water and glycerine 50/50, slowly adding the porcelain clay until it is the consistency of peanut butter.
b. With a scraper, apply a thick layer of the poultice to the moss.
c. Lay plastic wrap over this poultice, pressing down gently into the poultice.
d. Next wrap the stone in the heavy black plastic you brought, and secure with tape or string.
e. Leave this on the affected area for 2-5 days, checking it each day to see the progress of the moss is as it loosens up. It works faster in hot weather.
f. When the moss has loosened sufficiently, you can use a plastic or wooden scraper and gently clean the moss from the stone. Try picks for the inscription area if it needs help.
g. After the moss is removed, you can now use a nylon brush with water, or try the Photo-Flo for the final cleanup.
h. It is possible you might have to use several applications to remove all of the moss.

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