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Peck Cemetery
Peck, Nez Perce County, Idaho

Lat: 46 28' 16"N, Lon: 116 25' 56"W
T36N R1W Sec 10

120 W Howard St
Peck, ID 83545
ph: 208-486-7791

Transcribed and compiled by Maggie Rail Aug 06, 2007, last edited Feb 11, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 41.

To reach Peck from Orofino take Hwy 12 west for about 10 miles, turning left or south onto Big Canyon Road. Continue for several more miles until you come to Peck. To reach the cemetery, in Peck take Elmwood Street west winding around the hill. Stay on the dirt road for about a mile and you will see the cemetery on your left up the hill.

This is not a district cemetery, it is a community cemetery for the small town of Peck. The city of Peck appointed a volunteer Board of Directors in 1994.

The Peck Cemetery was first used for interment in the early 1900s. The cemetery has received minimal care down through the years until that time. City of Peck has now underwritten all expenses for maintainance. I found it in good condition when I visited.

There s a sign at the cemetery with some locations of the burials, but it reveals there are many unmarked graves. I found 18 markers with Unknown on them. If anyone has proof and information of a burial which I do not have, do contact me and I would consider adding it to my work. I compared my work with the city records and did find 3 names which had no stone in their listing.

I walked and read this cemetery Jun 30, 2007. It consists of all existing and legible headstone or marker readings.

- Maggie Rail

Boyd, Cora, no dates, FH marker by Sam'l D, Lot-1 Bl-18
Boyd, Sam'l D, no dates, Sergt Co D 133rd Pennsylvania Infantry, Lot-2 Bl-18
Cogan, James, d. Mar 09, 1916, age: 55yr, Lot-4 Bl-6
Conwell, Richard, no dates, no marker, Lot-3 Bl-13
Dykes, Pete, no dates, first burial in Peck cemetery
Fine, Jack J, no dates, US Navy (b. c. 1900, d. during WWI)
Fine, John L, b. 1865, d. 1934, FH marker, Lot-1 Bl-4
Fine, Mrs John L, b. 1864, d. 1914, FH marker, Lot-3 Bl-4
Fine, Warren, no dates, baby, FH marker, Lot-2 Bl Bl-4
France, C. W., b. 1860, d. 1930, Father
France, Clarence W, d. Feb 08, 1938, Lot-3 Bl-17
Hereswig?, Mrs Mary, no dates, Lot-2-32
Herring, Mary B, b. 1897, d. 1934
Holden, Henry D, b. Jul 16, 1871, d. Aug 21, 1910, WOW, Lot-3 Bl-13
Jackson, Jamima, b. Jan 08, 1832, d. Feb 03, 1914
Johnson, Bertha, no dates, FH marker, 2yr old, d/o Mary
Johnson, Mrs F. A., no dates, FH marker, Jannine, Lot-3 Bl-21
Johnson, William D, b. Jun 14, 1951, d. Apr 30, 2005
Jones, Gowso?, no dates, Father
Leeper, Harold, no dates, killed in acc, s/o Abbey and Nora
Leeper, Nora Johnson, b. Nov 25, 1887, d. Mar 05, 1914, stone worn
Melcher, child, no dates, Lot-3 Bl-20
Miller, Marjorie, b. 1903, d. 1921, Lot-2 Bl-11
Morris, T. W., no dates, FH marker, Lot-4 Bl-14
Olson, Jill Marie, b. Dec 18, 1962, d. no date, s/w & w/o Randall Lee, m. Mar 04, 1989
Olson, Randall Lee, b. Aug 19, 1962, d. Jul 03, 2005, s/w & h/o Jill Marie, m. Mar 04, 1989
Pearson, Eletha, 1916, all I can read, Lot-3 Bl-14
Pearson, Fred E, b. Mar 20, 1894, d. Mar 12, 1908, Lot-3 Bl-14
Peterson, Mrs Carl, b. 1879, d. 1907, Lot-2 Bl-37
Piatt, Infant, no dates, baby of Walter, FH marker
Rencenberger, Robert, no dates, s/o M&M E.G., FH marker, Lot-3 Bl-11
Schiltzel, Baby, no dates, FH marker, (c/o Matt, age 2da, in the 1920s), Lot-1 Bl-17
Smith, Andrea, d. 1931, FH marker, Lot-1 Bl-23
Smith, Baby Girl, no dates, FH marker, Lot-3 Bl-29
Smith, Bernetta M Herring, b. 1930, d. 1999
Smith, Christopher, b. Mar 29, 1904, d. Mar 27, 1911, Lot-3 Bl-29
Smith, Elmer, b. Apr 14, 1860, d. Nov 02, 1915
Statton, Illa Mae, b. 1919, d. 1997, s/w Jack H
Statton, Jack H, b. 1918, d. 2006, s/w Illa Mae
Washburn, Baby, no dates, FH marker, Lot-2 Bl-3
Washburn, Frank, no dates, FH marker, Lot-3 Bl-18

Unknown 10, no dates, FH marker, Lot-4 Bl-16
Unknown 11, no dates, FH marker, Lot-3 Bl-19
Unknown 2, no dates, FH marker, Lot-4 Bl-30
Unknown 6, no dates, child, FH marker, Lot-4 Bl-30
Unknown 7, no dates, FH marker, Lot-4 Bl-30
Unknown 9, no dates, FH marker, Lot-3 Bl-15
Unknown, no dates, 12 illegible FH markers, no location

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