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How it all Began

I started reading cemeteries in the summer of 1998. My first one I got permission to copy Sexton files from a book (later did read that cemetery myself). Somehow from a book did not do it, so I proceeded to find out where all the cemeteries were in Spokane County, and in short order I caught the disease. After I would finish one cemetery, I had to go find and read another until now I have completer well over 400 total cemeteries up to the time I walked it.

At one point I started helping on Washington State Genweb. First I was the Coordinator for Eastern Washington, then I got moved to just formatting for the whole state which lasted till about December of 1999. Then it seemed they did not want my work and I was not needed, so I started looking.

I felt I needed a place to display my work, which neither Idaho or Washington Genweb were very interested in. After a short time I found the possible answer Interment.net . I wrote to Steven Johnson, asking if he wanted some files. I know he thought I said 100 incomplete files. I meant complete readings of that many cemeteries. He was interested but unfortunately I had them all formatted for Genweb. This meant I must redo all of them, so I spent one month reformatting them to the way Interment does them, but it was worth it. I am not only able to display them when I finish them, I can update and edit out errors that always seem to be in them.

This is possible because I volunteered to help Steve and not only can I get my work posted, many more others now can, because two can work faster than one. I hope I have helped this site. Now I have moved from 'Formatting Only' to being the Editor, placing all the new cemeteries on line, and adding corrections or new names to the incompletes.

I continue to read cemeteries in the good weather, then type away during the winter months, between making web pages. It keeps me very busy, which is the way I like it. To date (Dec 2001) have transcribed 245 cemeteries, of which I walked 198, researched and transcribed 10 which no longer exist in the states of Washington and Idaho, plus the 37 which were flooded cemeteries in Washington state, to accomodate the back waters of Grand Coulee Dam.

That was then, by now in 2006, I believe I have completed around 400 cemeteries and enlarged the area I have worked in to include Australia, British Columbia, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming and Oregon.

Then in 2012 Mr Johnson no longer needed me. I am so thankful I have this website. I can still work on my cemeteries. I do not get out to cemeteries much since I had a stroke but do continue to add to my work, since than I had a heart attack, which laid me up for months but am back slowly getting better. I donated all the Washington state cemeteries to the state archives, so at least those will be saved if I no longer can maintain this site. I pay for all the cost of publishing and maintaining it.

I do not make any profit from this page, it is here to help others...Maggie

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