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Dunlop Cemetery
Maleny, Caloundra Shire, Queensland, Australia

#2 Main Street, Maleny Qld

Lat: 26° 45' 39"S, Lon: 152° 51' 21"E

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Jul 03, 2002, last edited Feb 08, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 3.

This old family burial site is on main street, in front of the state school and across from the city pump house in Maleny, Queensland.

According to some of the residents of Maleny, when the land was purchased by the state school district, from the Dunlop family, the agreement was that the burial site must remain along with the tree, which is situated in front of the land, a short distance from the graves.

Since the stipulation was that the tree stay in front and the burial site as it was, the tree now sits in the middle of main street. They have split the street to route it around the tree on either side. This creates a very a unique situation. In 2007 I have added a photo of the tree.

The headstones are just inside a fence and so close they touch the fence. Growth has all but covered these 2 stones. They can only be seen from the sidewalk and the growth hides them in such a manner one would easily walk by without noticing them.

I received photos and new information from Larry Griffith, a Traffic Engineer for the City of Caloundra, plus he shared some photos. The small township of Maleny falls under their jurisdiction. Larry says that the actual burial sites might be partially under a portion of the tennis court, which is directly behind the shrubbery behind the stones. I found nothing unusual with that, just utilizing space. There has been a real improvement since I was there, caring for this burial site. They removed the chain link fence from in front of the stones to make them more visible.

I read this cemetery on Jun 09, 2002.

- Maggie Rail

Dunlop Jane, b. May 16, 1827, Scotland, d. Aug 01, 1886, Maleny, Our Beloved Mother, s/w Francis
Dunlop, Francis, d. Jul 09, 1841, age 83yr, Our Beloved uncle, s/w Jane
Hankinson, Margaret Fletcher, d. Oct 03, 1886, age: 44yr, Our Mother

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