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Uniting Church Cemetery
Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia

Caboolture Rd,
Upper Caboolture, Queensland
Ph: 5499-3411

Lat: 2706'26"S, Lon: 15253'41"E

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, June 04, 2002, last edited Feb 08, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 88.

To reach the cemetery turn onto Caboolture River Rd at the intersection of Morayfield Road and Caboolture Rd in Upper Coobulture. Continue for about 16 km. The cemetery is on your left behind the church.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Uniting Church of Upper Caboolture. It sits back behind the church aways, and appears to have empty space for future use.

I walked this cemetery on May 31, 2002. Joy Byrne, who I am visiting, was kind enough to took me to it and patiently waited for me to read it. I used a digital camera and have photos of all the readable stones, which I am willing to share. I found several burial spots with no markers, or markers too worn to read.

- Maggie Rail

Adam, Albert Edward, b. 1893, d. 1967, Loving h/o Catherine, s/w Lorna Campbell
Adam, Lorna Campbell, loved d/o Albert and Catherine, s/w Albert Edward
Bleakley, Gladys, b. 1912, d. 1995, s/w Laurie
Bleakley, Laurie, b. 1909, d. 1993, s/w Gladys
Bourke, Rachel, d. Feb 17, 1876, w/o Jones Anthony
Carseldine, Doreen Essie Heisner, b. Jul 25, 1915, d. Sep 12, 1995, A very special Mother, s/by Douglas
Carseldine, Douglas, b. Aug 18, 1916, d. Jul 31, 1991, h/o Doren, f/o Richard, Jesse, Gerald and Mary
Clarke, Jemima Hill, b. 1835 England, d. Jul 14, 1907, beloved w/o John Palmer Clarke
Dobson, Alfred, d. Aug 14, 1951, age: 90yr, s/w Annie Ruth
Dobson, Annie Ruth, d. Nov 25, 1950, age: 88yr, s/w Alfred
Dobson, Elizabeth, d. Sep 20, 1874, age 53yr, s/w John Gregory
Dobson, Frederick, d. Apr 09, 1943, 77yr, s/w Helen, Father
Dobson, Helen T, d. Apr 19, 1934, age: 62yr, s/w Frederick, Mother
Dobson, James William, d. Jun 16, 1983, age: 94yr, s/w Janett Beasley his wife
Dobson, Janett Beasley, d. Nov 02, 1948, age: 56yr, My beloved wife and our Dear Mother, s/w James Wm
Dobson, John Gregory, d. Jul 11, 1900, 81yr, s/w Elizabeth
Duncan, Roderick 'Jock', d. Sep 23, 1997, age 94yr, s/w Selina his wife and Margaret Zillman
Duncan, Selina Mason, d. Oct 11, 1989, age 86yr, s/w her husb Jock and sister Margaret Zillman
Evans, Ellen, b. Jan 24, 1857, d. Feb 11, 1888, w/o Thomas William
Franz, Clement Maurice, d. Jul 08, 1880, age 31yr, s/w Edith Caroline
Franz, Edith Caroline, d. Oct 12, 1895, age 7yr, s/w Clement Maurice
Gibbings, Eliza Jane, d. Nov 2, 1923, aged 86yr, w/o and s/w George
Gibbings, George, d. Jan 04, 1911, aged 69yr, s/w Eliza Jane
Goeldner, Ernest Frederick, d. Dec 03, 1922, age: 73yr, s/w his wife Rebecca
Goeldner, Rebecca, d. Aug 09, 1922, age 62yr, w/o E.F.
Groves, Helen Eliisa, b. 1958, d. 1978
Hambrecht, Dorothy Elizabeth, b. Nov 30, 1907, d. Dec 24, 1907, s/w & grandchild of Wm & Elizabeth Wilson
Hambrecht, George William Leslie, b. Sep 11, 1903, d. May 02, 1906, s/w & grandchild of Wm & Elizabeth Wilson
James, Alan, d. Jan 01, 1942, age: 4yr, s/w Robert Gordon
James, Robert Gordon, d. Oct 22, 1974, age: 10yr, s/w Alan
James, William Henry, d. Jun 16, 1987, age: 67yr, Dear Father, Father in-law and our Pa
Johnson, Mr, no dates, wooden cross
Litherland, Ann, d. Feb 26, 1894, 74yr
Litherland, Charlotte Ann, d. Dec 13, 1953, age: 85yr, s/w David her husband
Litherland, David, d. Jul 20, 1922, 58yr, s/w Charlotte Ann his wife
Litherland, Frances Julia, d. Aug 08, 1900
Litherland, Gordon, b. Nov 02, 1922, d. Jun 11, 1999, s/w Patricia, Dad
Litherland, Ivy May, d. Mar 26, 1978, age 80yr, s/w Reginald David
Litherland, Patricia Mary Galloway, b. Oct 11, 1925, d. Aug 06, 1977, s/w Gordon, Mum
Litherland, Reginald David, d. May 10, 1984, age 84yr, s/w Ivy May
Loweke, Henry William, d. Jun 25, 1951, age 73yr, s/w and s/o Johanna & Wilhelm
Loweke, Johanna Wilhelmina, d. Aug 04, 1927, 83yr, s/w Wilhelm Friederich and Henry Wm
Loweke, Wilhelm Friederich, d. Sep 20, 1927, 91yr, s/w Johanna & Henry
McClure, Albert John, d. Jul 24, 1961, age 79yr
McClure, Alfred Thomas, d. Nov 01, 1976, 82yr, 47th Inf 1st AIF
McClure, Arthur Walter, d. Feb 21, 1905, age 18yr, shares McClure marker
McClure, Atkinson, b. County Armach Ireland, d. Dec 24, 1868, age 27yr, accidentally drowned Amby Downs Station
McClure, Beatrice Amy, d. Feb 1893, age 4yr, shares McClure marker
McClure, Ethel Jane, d. May 05, 1973, age 82yr
McClure, Gertrude Louisa, d. Dec 30, 1885, died in infancy
McClure, James Adkinson, d. Jun 17, 1878, died in infancy
McClure, James, d. Jan 02, 1915, age: 73yr, s/w Mary, Mary Aba, William, Arthur and Beatrice
McClure, John William, d. Jul 08, 1993, aged 68yr
McClure, Mary Ada, d. Jul 04, 1943, 67yr, shares McClure marker
McClure, Mary Elizabeth, d. Jan 22, 1944, age 87yr, shares McClure marker
McClure, William James, d. Nov 24, 1895, age 20yr, shares McClure marker
McLoughlin, Evelyn Smith, b. Oct 02, 1928, d. Jul 02, 1988, of Morayfield
Robertson, Charles Eric, d. Jan 24, 1985, 67yr, dear Husband and Father
Tinney, Alfred, b. 1838, d. 1898, s/w Mary Ann, Pioneers, Upper Cabolture
Tinney, Betsey Ann, d. Sep 08, 1922, s/w Unwins
Tinney, Mary Ann, b. 1837, d. 1923, District Nurse, s/w Alfred, Pioneers of Upper Cabolture
Tinney, William Henry, no dates, age: 83yr
Unwin, Charles Symonds, d. Aug 26, 1917, 56yr, s/o Hannah & Charles
Unwin, Charles, d. Apr 30, 1923, age 85yr, s/w Hannah
Unwin, Hannah, d. Jan 07, 1899, aged 60yr, s/w Charles
Walker, Ellen Louisa, d. Nov 13, 1921, aged 70yr
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. Aug 19, 1917, age: 72yr, s/w William
Wilson, Joseph, d. Apr 07, 1952, 75yr, s/o and s/w Wm & Elizabeth Wilson
Wilson, William, d. May 06, 1906, age: 73yr, s/w his wife Elizabeth
Wright, Caroline Emily, d. Jan 27, 1925, age: 45yr, s/w Florance A, J. Edwin and Elizabeth J
Wright, Elizabeth Jane, b. Jul 10, 1866, d. Apr 27, 1933, s/w Florance A, Caroline E and J. Edwin
Wright, Ellen, b. Jan 12, 1837, d. Mar 10, 1922, s/w John her husband
Wright, Florance A, d. Feb 22, 1878, age 2 yr, s/w J. Edwin, Caroline E and Elizabeth J
Wright, J. Edwin, d. Apr 01, 1885, age: 18yr, s/w Florance A, Caroline E and Elizabeth J
Wright, John, b. Oct 05, 1832, d. Dec 31, 1897, s/w Ellen his wife
Zillman, Agnes Emily, d. Oct 24, 1935, age 73yr, Erected by her husband and children, s/w Rudolph
Zillman, Ann Maria, d. Sep 1935, w/o John W, s/w her son Maurice
Zillman, Charles Bertram, d. Aug 20, 1964, age 86yr
Zillman, Charles H.S., b. Mar 20, 1892, d. Aug 18, 1961, s/w Flora L.L.
Zillman, Edith Lorna, b. Oct 05, 1903, d. Nov 25, 1955, beloved w/o and s/w JRF Zillman
Zillman, Flora L. L., b. Sep 05, 1903, d. Dec 11, 1996, s/w Charles H.S.
Zillman, H. E. L. 'Ellie', d. May 04, 1966, age 76yr
Zillman, J. Rolly, d. Dec 05, 1984, age 86yr, h/o Lorna, f/o Allan, Graham and Kenneth
Zillman, John Ernest, b. 1881, d. 1971
Zillman, Margaret Agnes Airey, d. Oct 31, 1994, age 98yr, s/w Jock and Selina Duncan
Zillman, Maurice Leopold, d. May 1876, s/o Anna Maria and John W, s/w Anna Maria
Zillman, R. V. Redvers, d. Sep 02, 1975, age 74yr
Zillman, Rudolph Atherfold, d. Jan 24, 1952, 80yr, h/o and s/w Agnes Emily

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