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Mount Mee Cemetery
Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lat: 27°03'32S, Lon: 152°45'18"E

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, May 29, 2002, last edited Feb 08, 2010 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 67.

From Caboolture take the D'Aguilar Highway for about 20 Km, to the Mount Mee turn off. Continue for about 12 Km on Mount Mee Road to Robinson Rd where you turn right and continue for 2 Km to Settlement Road, turn off is on the left just after the bridge. The cemetery is on your left.

This cemetery serves the Community of Mount Mee. There is a school and community hall just before you come to Robinson Road.

Mount Mee Cemetery is owned and maintained by Caboolture Shire Council, on King Street in Caboolture.

- Maggie Rail

Anderson, Infant, no dates, stillborn, child of William Anderson
Austin, Michael James, b. Mar 02, 1970, d. Sep 21, 1990, age: 20yr
Beanland, Archie, d. Apr 26, 1987, age: 81yr, My dear Husband and Our Father
Beanland, Stella Clarice, d. Mar 16, 2000, My dear daughter and our sister, photo
Bell, Barry Graham, b. Jun 27, 1946, d. Mar 07, 1998, Our Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather, s/w Herbert Bell
Bell, Herbert, d. 1948, 50yr, At rest with his Dad, s/w Barry Bell
Brodie, Elizabeth Livingstone, d. 1941, age: 76yr
Brown, Leonard James, b. May 11, 1928, d. Sep 06, 1987, 59yr, Our Dear One
Casey, Infant, no dates, stillborn, infant of James Casey
Cox, Jane, d. Dec 25, 1903, age: 60yr, s/w William, Our Mother
Cox, Margaret Ann, d. Dec 04, 1936, age: 80yr, s/w her husband Philip
Cox, Philip, d. Aug 26, 1934, 61yr, s/w his wife Margaret Ann
Cox, Thomas, d. Feb 22, 1940, age 59yr, Our Brother
Cox, William, d. Dec 26, 1909, age: 70yr, Our Father, s/w Jane
Crouch, Joyce Livingstone, d. Feb 01, 1996, age: 78yr, nee Hewitt, w/o Cyril for 56yr, m/o Jennifer, Joanne, Roderick, Martin and Adrian, ashes
Dawes, Edna May (Beanland), b. May 24, 1908, d. Dec 11, 1997, s/w Clifford Dawes (Dawes, Clifford, b. Jun 16, 1907, d. Aug 31, 1941, s/w Edna May Dawes, QX518 Lance Co 2nd/15th Inf Batt., buried in Tobruk War Cemetery)
Duncan, Alfred Alexander, d. Feb 24, 1996, age: 70yr 3mo, Beloved Husband, Father, Father in law and Grandfather, ashes
Duncan, Arthur Hunter, d. Jul 21, 1966, age: 72yr, Beloved Husband and Father
Duncan, Nancy Belle, d. Oct 13, 1994, age: 56y
Duncan, William George, d. Sep 03, 1971, age: 28y, Cremated 1971
Fyfe, Roy Edward, d. Mar 03, 1954, age: 37yr, 2nd A.I.F., ashes
Gockel, Helen, no date
Gockel, Herbert Josef Ingolf, b. Jan 20, 1933, d. Aug 1998, s/w children
Gockel, Herbert, no date
Gockel, John, no date
Gockel, Josef Michael, no date
Gockel, Luke, no date
Gockel, Mark, no date
Gockel, Matthew, no date
Harlow, Brian John Charles Leigh, b. Apr 09, 1924, d. Sep 13, 1999, Beloved Husband of Mary, Father of Kay Bruce, Peter, Susan and David and Poppy
Hausmann, John Fredrick 'Jack', b. Mar 15, 1909, d. Sep 20, 1993, Beloved husband of Laurel, local pioneer, ashes
Hewitt, William Reginald, d. 1918, age 5da
Hodgson, Douglas Fraser, b. Sep 11, 1919, d. Mar 20, 1975
Hodgson, Elsie Margaret, d. Nov 26, 1958, age 36yr, s/by Douglas
McCullough, William Mervyn 'Willie', b. Sep 16, 1975, d. Aug 18, 1996, Dearly Beloved Son and Brother of Liz, Dave and David
McEvoy, Mary Ellen, d. 1916, age: 27yr
McKitrick, Infant, no dates, stillborn, child of Henry McKitrick
McPherson, Myrtle M, b. 1913, d. 1993, w/o Roy, m/o John and Megan
Molan, Vincenc, b. May 0, 1914, d. Sep, 23, 1980, s/w Anica Molan-Kezman ashes
Molen-Kezman, anica, b. Jul 08, 1915, d. Aug 02, 1980, s/w Vincenc Molan ashes
Moorhead, Charles Henry, b. Feb 26, 1903 Eaglehawke Victoria, d. May 30, 1992, Brisbane Qld ashes
Nichols, Douglas Stanley, b. May 29, 1930, d. Aug 26, 1995, Beloved Husband of Mae, photo
Rapmund, Darren Scott, b. Apr 18, 1970, d. Jan 27, 1993
Raynbird, Arthur Hedley, d. 1896, age: 27yr
Robinson, Frederick Neville, d. Oct 16, 1997, age 83yr, AIF 2/9 QX5079, ashes
Saunders, Percy, b. Nov 09, 1915, d. Sep 27, 2001, ashes
Simpson, David Sr, d. 1926, age: 87yr
Simpson, Grace Isobel, d. Mar 16, 1987, My Dear Wife and our Mother
Stewart, Helen Clark 'Nellie', d. 1895, age 11yr
Stewart, Anne Elizabeth Smart, d. 1905, age: 20yr
Thomas, Arthur John Sr, b. Aug 02, 1897, d. Nov 21, 1938, age 32yr
Thomas, Arthur John, b. Jul 11, 1929, d. Dec 10, 1998, age 69yr
Thomas, Brian George, b. Jul 09, 1919 Kilcoy, d. Dec 10, 1996, Bberg, f/o Daryl & Kay, b/o Marie Doreen, John and James, WWII, ashes
Thomas, Cordelia, b. Jan 01, 1853, d. Aug 11, 1896, age: 43yr
Thomas, Florence Evelyn, b. Nov 27, 1881, d. May 05, 1967, age 86y, first white child born at Mt Mee, postmistress 39y ashes
Thomas, Richard, b. Jan 10, 1840 Yorkshire England, d. Sep 12, 1922, age: 82yr
Thomason, Edna May, b. Mar 03, 1922, d. Nov 28, 1979, Cremated Albany Creek
Tumbridge, Gwenda Marie, b. Jul 13, 1942 Oakey, d. Aug 30, 1996 Mt Mee, w/o Ron, m/o Kerrie, Suellen, Kim, ashes
Walker, Cedric, d. Apr 04, 1992, age 84yr, ashes
Walker, Gresta, d. Nov 10, 1992, age 85yr, ashes
White, Elizabeth, d. Mar 11, 1895, 37yr old, Out Dear Mother, s/w Thomas
White, Thomas, d. Mar 25, 1935, 76yr old, Our dear Father, s/w Elizabeth
Williams, Leslie George 'Les', b. Apr 07, 1912, d. Sep 13, 2001, Loving Husband of Gertrude, Late Farmer of Mt Mee, ashes
Winkel, Charles Robert, b. May 13, 1904, d. Oct 04, 1993, Beloved Husband, Fahter and Grandfather, ashes
Winkel, Kathleen, b. Sep 05, 1904, d. Jan 23, 1998, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, ashes
Witherell, Arthur John, b. Dec 11, 1906 England, d. Jul 10, 2000 Caboolture, h/o Elsie, ashes
Wright, Maxwell, b. Jan 18, 1930, d. Jul 13, 2000, Loved Husband, Father and Grandfather, Mizpah, ashes

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