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Caboolture Cemetery
Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia

King St
Caboolture Queensland 4510
61 (07) 5428 2018

Lat: 27° 05' 08"S, Lon: 153° 56' 27"E

Transcribed by Maggie Rail, © Sep 13, 2002, last edited Jun 06, 2017 [mrail@asisna.com]. Total records = 1,811.

This cemetery is in downtown Caboolture on King Street.

This is the main cemetery for the town of Caboolture and the surrounding area. It is still in use and is maintained and administered by the Caboolture Shire Council, which is at 2 Hasking Street in Caboolture. You may make inquiries to the Health Dept. at the above listed phone number.

I walked this cemetery on three different days, completing it on May 27, 2002, Aussie time. I used a digital camera for the major reading of the cemetery, with some hand written in a notebook. I will share any photo I have which is of use to someone. Not all are good. I have no photos of the ashes.

I found many of the older markers next to impossible to read. There were a few burials in the late 1800's but I did not make a note of them. I have about 10 photos which I could not identify. Others were impossible to decipher, so I did not try to take a photo. If anyone had a correction or addition, please let me know. I dislike having a record that is in error. I am quite sure there may be some in error, because I found many I was very unsure of. I thank all who have or will in the future contact me with a correction or addition I need to make.

s/w = stone with
h/o = husband of
w/o = wife of
b. = born
d. = died
* = info from council records

- Maggie Rail

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