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My interest in reading and preserving the records of Cemeteries began in 1998, "How it Began" I have listed most of the cemeteries I have walked and read.

I also have some links of work done by my friends, which are listed as Outside Links. Some of my work is called Underwater Cemeteries, called thus because they are under water now as a result of the Grand Coulee Dam being built and flooding over many above the Columbia River's original banks when they raised the river. There are others in this category, which were removed later when the flood waters caused caving in of the banks. This caused the cemetery to have to be moved to higher ground. I have read cemeteries in two other countries as well as several counties and states in the United States.

The photos on this page were visitors to a cemetery I was reading in Thompson Falls, Montana.

In December of 2006 I discovered that Find A Grave website is publishing some of my work without my permission. They feel they can do this because this work I have accomplished is all facts. I am left stunned as I count all the hard labor and cost it has all been to me. They change the format, then they feel it is okay, plus they have several of my photo. There is no way this can be right.



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